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Andrei Kletskov (111)

This is a script that creates camera according to perspective lines on your image. It is sort of a beta version and has no error handling yet, so be warned:).

1 - get an image for which you want a camera being created.
2 - run the script (it is ordinary maxscript).
3 - press first button in UI and select the image
4 - an image plane and helper curve will be created
5 - modify helper curve (subcurves) so that they follow perspective lines, the vanishing points with three pairs of subcurves
6 - press the second button in UI, the camera with correct FOV will be created and another one, aligned to the image. That's all.
Testing needed, my tests show good results.

Acknowledgments go to sanctus (http://somesanctus.blogspot.com/), who made a similar script for maya, thank him a lot for the main idea.

how to use mini tutorial - http://andklv.narod.ru/tut_mini/minitut_10/111_cameraMatch_tutorial.html


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At first, Very nice Script.

At first, Very nice Script. You did a great job on that !

I used the script to match some pictures and it worked for two. But for the last pic, the solved cam was mirrored. The cone looked correctly towards the imageplane, but the Camera "body" seemed mirrored in the opposite direction.

The cameraview does not show the plane. Mirroring the Cam back by hand does not help. A dummy building shows that there were no parallel lines with the image.

Does someone have the same problem. Would it help when i upload the image so you can confirm that ?

test.jpg 466.51 KB
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You could be doing something wrong (most likely drawing lines in rear view instead of front view). Can you show the image you are trying to match?
If you read more carefully the documentation (yeah:)), you would understand that one camera just has FOV calculated, and aligned camera tries to align to the picture's world.

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Camera result is inverted


i did follow you tutorial i did perfectly align the lines to match the photo,


i must rotate my object to 180° ( things down must be up ) to have a the good result so, why ? also why there's two kind of cameras ( camera and camera aligned ) , the camera aligned is ok just inverted, but the other camera is giving a massacre view, what's the utility of this camera?

Many thanks for your effort but please i want understand why the camera aligned is inverted because i must rotate the objects completly to match it :(

i'm using Win7 3dsmax 2012 x64

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great job. without the

great job. without the tutorial i did not get it to work but now it is fine. many many thanks for that script.

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thanks! it works!

thanks! it works!

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Great Script

Nice Script!! This feature should be included in 3ds Max a long time ago.
Excellent work! One must have script

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thanks! ))

thanks! ))

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need tutorial

can you make a video tutorial or gif pic to show how you use it?
i try but do not get correct result.
best regards

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Андрей может сделаешь не

Андрей может сделаешь не большой видео урок для тех кто в танке! а то лично мне не понятно как нужно расставить линии по фотке!
за ранние спасибо :)

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