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Herman Saksono - update to 1.6.0 by 3DZver

Advanced Painter is a modular brush-based distribution tool derrived from the Nature Painter script. This tool comes with 7 inks:

  • Grass: to create grasses; Grass: to create simple grasses
  • Hair [new]: used to create simple hair/fur (or as guide hair for Shag:Hair
  • Randomizer [new]: a variation of Scatterer used to randomly distribute a selection of objects.
  • Stone: to create simple stones and peebles.
  • Spaghetti: spaghetties, noodles, wires and other long things maker.
  • Scatterer [updated]: a generic but powerful object scattering tool.
  • Toothpaste: the fun but not-so-useful toothpaste generator.

Updated to version 1.60 by 3DZver

Here the list of changes and additions:
* the cource code is recompiled and optimized for support of dotNet;
* acceptance in attention of scale of source object which has been
applied to him up to cloning is added (Randomizer and Scatterer);
* the opportunity to set factor in randomness scaling of clone (min % - max %) is added (Randomizer and Scatterer);
* support of use of groups as source objects is added (Randomizer and Scatterer).

New version for download is possible here: AdvPainter v1.6.0(x32/x64) (or file attachment area below)


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  1. Extract advPainter_1.5.1.mzp
  2. Start Max. MaxScript>Run Script ... and choose the extraced file. A dialog box will inform you that installation is successful.
  3. Install Advanced Painter action item (found under 'Painter' category) to your toolbar, main menu bar, or quadmenu. You set up a shortcut key or menu item for Advanced Painter the same way you would configure a regular 3ds interface item. Go to Customize / Customize User Interface, change the category to 'Painter' and assign a shortcut. Click ok. Voila. If you are having difficulty installing Advanced Painter or any other script, try checking out the script installation page, especially the videos demonstrating the process.

NOTE: Advanced Painter 1.5 requires 3ds max 5.1.

Uninstalling Advanced Painter: During setup, the the following files are copied. If you wish to uninstall Advanced Painter just delete them yourself.


Version Requirement: 
3ds max 5-2009 (32/64)
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advpainter_1.5.1.zip70.31 KB
advpainter_1.6.0.zip43.22 KB


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niks303's picture

runtime error and copy error for advance painter maxscript

Hi to everyone,
Im facing the same problem (runtime error) as mentioned by [email protected] and boselecta. I have also posted an img of the error message, pls help, so that i can get thru dis problem

adv_painter_script_error.jpg 169.17 KB
rambo_rahul143's picture


Works Like a Charm.

TiT@N's picture

MAXScript FileIn Exception

I just tried to install the advpainter, and I got this message:

MAXScript FileIn Exception

-- Runtime error: Copy error on file: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3dsMax 2010\stdplugins\stdscripts\

I tried several times and every time i got the same error.
Does anybody know why is this, i'm using 7 64bits, max 2010 64bits and VRay1.5
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

BoSelecta's picture

maxscript filein exception error

hey, i was wondering if you found a solution to this problem? i am getting maxscript filein exception error - runtime error: copy error on file. i cant work it out. i had this installed on 2009 max and it works fine, now i am on 2010 max and also using vista..

let me know what i have to do to get this to work.. thanks

Tella's picture

Fill a surface

This script would be even greater if there were an option in scatterer to fill a surface with copies instead of having to paint them. You know, painting small objects like grass is too slow.

vvhiteraven's picture

супер плаг давно хотел его

супер плаг давно хотел его попробовать
super plugin very good

onodi.andras's picture

This Tool is amazing!

It saved me a couple of days while creating an architectural project. I used it to put different windows on the smaller white houses in the front of this picture. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!
ZOA 15.ker látványterv

András Onodi - CEO @ ZOA Architectural Animation & 3D Rendering
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hotca's picture

the installation is done

the installation is done correctly but once installed around the box is empty with no option

anyone know if there is to do something else after installation or simply does not work in 3d max 2010 64

VICMAN64's picture

This script no match in my

This script no match in my system.


pioj's picture

Found a bug in max 2010

Found a bug in max 2010 x64.

Although all scale values and brush settings are all set equal to 1.0, some objects are scaled or stretched. This occurs both on flat and round surfaces, like a geoSphere...

It seems related to the base-object normals, like as I were drawn between two normals and
the object needs to interpolate size, or something..

BTW,Is there any way to set SNAP mode ON with this tool? I can't get it work with SNAP...

Apart form that, it's a must-have tool in videogame development when you need to place your assets in the level design...

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