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A simple script, same like archive, but save all asset in one flat folder without zip.

checked "update asset path" will change all path to selected folder(easy for distribute render).

checked "strip all path" will strip all the path, easy to share scene with other without showing your folder structure.


 v0.6 - add save selected object feature and option to save max file.

 v0.5 - fixed progress bar error and tested with 3DS Max 2016.  click here to download ver 0.5

 v0.4 - add progress bar to show progress status.

 v0.3 - saving latest max file instead of copy current max file to target path.

 v0.2 - Fix some path wont update.


install: Zip file include 2 folder, 3DS Max 2009 - 2012 and 3DS Max 2013 - 2016, Extract and copy correct folder to 3DSMax root Dir.

The script is listed under the "ArchCG Tools" category.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2009 - 2016


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Great script. I was struggling with Max's archive system, it was crashing with bigger scenes. This one works perfectly. :) Thank you.

To make it even better, there could be some tickable option regarding what to do with duplicate bitmap file names.

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Thank you Cmjohncheng

for your beautiful work on this update! Perfect, thanks a lot!

dbowker3d's picture

Thanks- Just the ticket

This is exactly what should be built into Max- many thanks.

Doug Bowker
Animation • Video • Motion Graphics

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Great script, man! Can you

Great script, man! Can you put a option to not collect xref files? Thanks!

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Update to Max 2015

I used to work with Asset Collector on Max 2014 and It was really helpful using Net render. I've already upgraded to Max 2015 and AC doesn't work.
When update is coming for Max 2015?. Or Would anyone tell me if is there another scrips similar?.

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Great tool make the work much

Great tool make the work much easier when it comes to save the project for others. Way better than resource collector that max has.

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In my case, the files were copied to the root of C:
Am I doing something wrong?

Kind regards

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greatly efficient tool

Thank you very much for this efficient tool.
Can you please make these 2 additions to your script so we can get more control:
1. "collect scene" checkbox (so we could collect only the scene assets without max scene file when we need that).
2. "collect selected" feature, so we could collect only assets from selected object in the scene.

In my opinion, with these additions, this will be fully rounded perfect and quick collect tool.

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V 0.3 working well in Max Design 2014

Just wanted to write back and report that I was using V .4 and the progress bar was causing problems. V .3 is working perfectly.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy opening 'Asset Tracking' and then using the script and watching it change all of those map paths to the correct network path. This thing is saving me hours... Thanks....

"Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little."

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Works well in Max 2014 Design

This is a welcomed relief from the the awful Resource Collector in Max. Nice job and thanks. I wish Autodesk would buy it from you.

"Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little."

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