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Stefan Twigt

The Autodesk Material Converter is a commercial script for all 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design users starting from release 2011 and up who need optimized materials for mental ray, V-Ray or VR applications. With one click all Autodesk Material Library materials are converted into Arch & Design or V-Ray materials. Conversion to Standard materials takes only two clicks

The major adavantage will be an increase in rendering speed (on average 35%) plus it will give you the flexibility you need for your material fine tuning. and of course you don't want to manually convert materials which are coming in from AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor into 3ds Max (Design)

Most VR applications need Standard materials to work with. The conversion to Standard works from Arch & Design or Vray materials

In addition to material conversion the script checks if there are double materials inside the scene. If they are there, they will be changed into instances, keeping the number of materials as low as can be.

New features in v2.5!

  • conversion from Arch&Design to V-Ray and's there!
  • conversion of all Autodesk maps
  • conversion of some V-Ray specific maps or MentalRay specific maps

NOTE: This is a commercial script, no demo version is available. Please visit script webpage for pricing, details & examples showing converted scenes.


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This script has been replaced by the Universal Material Converter

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011+


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hanselmoniz's picture

This script seems superb

I have created a similar kind of script but just to convert revit autodesk materials to vray materials

Admin's picture

*disclaimer* - I'm in no way

*disclaimer* - I'm in no way affiliated with the development of this script however we use it extensively at work so I'll respond to this.

Re: purchasing. If you go to the script page "homepage" link above and read half way down you'll see "What does it cost" on the left and "Ordering can be done by email" on the right. The word email is actually a link - they'll send you a zip file with the script, you send back registration info and they send a Paypal invoice & after payment a license code.

A bit about the script. It's way more complete than any conversion script I've seen. If you use VRay and have to deal with Autodesk Materials (ie from Revit) it's absolutely incredible. I work for a large Architectural firm and Autodesk Material Converter saves hours on every project. It's worth every penny.

Christopher Grant

trixian's picture


How exactly do you expect anyone to purchase this script? It says order by email, but I fail to see how you can guarantee a secure transaction through email alone.
What Email address do you propose we use? I could maybe use the email "form" you have on your site, but I don't speak Dutch, and would have problems filling it out.
Why is it so difficult to buy this script? I also think you should have a demo or test available as well.

PS. I understand that you posted this on behalf of Stefan Twigt, but there is no other place to give feedback to him.

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Link fixed.

Link fixed.

Christopher Grant

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The link to the "Homepage URL" returns an 404 error.
Is it not possible to obtain this plugin any more?

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