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ATiles is scripted 3ds Max plug-in for creating roof tiles, tiled floors, brick walls, fences, and more.

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 Pro version of the script (commercial) includes all the futures of the free version plus:

  • Create ATiles object with one click from roof plane, geometry or spline.
  • Cache mesh for speed. Store inside ATiles object generated geometry for viewport and render.
  • Re-create mode. Rebuild objects without loosing material or connection to other objects.
  • More advanced tools - Volume, Path(beta) and Surface(beta) tools.
  • Random transformations of the tiles - Rotate, Move and Scale.


 New in version 2.63:

  • Free 15 Day Trial for the Pro version
  • Fixed 3D snapping when creating new object
  • Fixed UI alignment in some of the newest versions of 3ds Max
  • Fixed other small bugs

 New in version 2.62:

  • Bug fix for "unable to convert: undefined to type: String" error in About roll-out of ATiles object.

New in version 2.61:

  • Fix UI alignment when using high DPI display or Windows scaling bigger then 100%

New in version 2.60:

  • Resizable multi-column ATiles Toolbox
  • Auto load preset on startup option
  • Auto load presets list on startup option
  • Lock Element and Offset scale checkbox
  • Lock Local XYZ scale checkbox
  • Other small bug fixes

New in version 2.52:

  • Always create a region – option
  • Other small bug fixes

 New in version 2.51:

  • New Region & Volume mapping option
  • Other small bug fixes

New in version 2.50:

  • New Presets system
  • Included 100 new presets in 10 categories
  • Region and Volume optimization
  • Random Material optimizations
  • Transforms and material variations on sub-object level
  • Other small bug fixes and optimizations

New in version 2.02:

  • Fixes small bugs.
  • Speed optimizations.

New in version 2.01:

  • Select Similar function - select similar ATiles objects based on their parameters.
  • Create Roof/Geometry object based on smoothing group (ATiles Pro only).
  • Create Roof/Geometry object based on face normal (ATiles Pro only).

New in version 2.0:

  • Create options to set tilt and cut angles from points in the viewport.
  • Option to fit tiles count to given size for X, Y or Z.
  • Option to control base and top cut angles.
  • Option to redefine custom tile. Unlimited custom tiles.
  • Option to select main, first and viewport tile.
  • Options to align tiles - move, rotate and mirror.
  • Option to improve weld Accuracy for small object when a region is selected.
  • Option to align region to tilt angle.
  • Option to set material ID variation.

 New in version 1.4:

  • Set internal scale of the sub elements for X, Y and Z.
  • Auto optimization of sub elements when creating new object.
  • New video - How to cover with ATiles complex roof .

New in version 1.3:

  • Option to replace first element or first row of elements with the element stored in "Custom2".
  • New video - Haw to create custom roof tiles with version 1.30.

New in version 1.2:

  • Offset R - Offset every even row.
  • Reset button - Reset parameters to default values.
  • New download page with more information about the script.

New in version 1.1:

  • Offset Z - offset elements in Z-axis
  • Absolute offset for X,Y and Z - Define exact distance between elements. You can turn it on or off with one click of a button.


  • Download and unzip the desired version.
  • Use included ATiles_Setup.exe to install the script.
  • Restart 3ds Max
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 7 or later
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curmeiste's picture

thanks for this update

thanks for this update

k2000's picture

2nd row

Hi mate!
The script is really great!!! Thx
Could you please add options for 2nd row (to make like running bond type brick/tiles) - then it would be absolutely perfect.


atanasbak's picture


Thanks to all for great comments and suggestions...
New version coming soon.

appius's picture

Shift Line Improvement please

nice script, but a a line shifting option would be appreciated in the custom object parameters. It would be useful to set some shifted lines of roof tiles. (flat custom tiles)

Script_Butler's picture

Perfect. Thank-you very


Thank-you very much!



atanasbak's picture

While piking third point hold

While piking third point hold Alt + 3D snap.
Hold Shift if you want tilt angle to be zero.

Script_Butler's picture

Excellent script. I can't

Excellent script.

I can't make the tiles automatically align to a roof. I've tried various snap combinations but they always be created flat.

How, in your video, are you doing that? What kind of snaps to you have turned on? It looks like vertex, but i cant see whether 2, 2.5 or 3D. I've tried them all anyway to be honest and none work.




pifitas's picture

Thank you very usefull

Thank you very usefull script!!!

I have one suggestion:

-Add option to specify size of elements (box, roftiles, paving tiles, etc) as well offset between them please? for example: make a glass wall and specify 1.20 x 2.40 x .01 mts elements, with a separation .01 m each.

Kstudio's picture
atanasbak's picture

To ivobakker: I don't work

To ivobakker:
I don't work with Maya, may be someone can write something similar it's simply coping an object multiple times.

To wicq08:
Hi, script get slower when you increase the count of tiled elements.
Here how to increase the speed when you create or tweak your ATiles:
-Try working with "Plane" until you are ready and then switch to object you want to use.
-Use your object but set "CountX" to 3 or 4 and when ready set it back to zero.
-Use your object but in "Advanced Parameters" set "Scale Offset" to 10 or 20 and when ready set it back to 1.0

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