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ATree3D is simple to use 3D plants generator for architectural visualizations. With this script for 3ds max you can create trees, bushes, flowers and grass. You can use it for low or high polygon models with precise control of the level of details on each sub-element. Script works inside of the 3ds max viewport and show instant preview of your changes.

If you like this script please share your plants and trees(.at3d files) with the community.

Additional Info: 

New in version 3.10

  • Overall speed optimizations.
  • Fix for sections noise function.
  • Default Open & Save button behavior has been simplified. From now on to access the advanced open and save options you’ll need to hold Ctrl key and click on the corresponding button.
  • New SMul parameter for 1&2 sides trunks and branches in Level Parameters roll-out.
  • New Invert Volume Selection option in Advanced Parameters roll-out.
  • New Radius Constraint parameters in Advanced Parameters roll-out.
  • New Level Defaults parameters in Advanced Parameters roll-out.

New in version 3.02

  • New Local Variations Options

 New in version 3.01

  • New optimizations options

 New in version 3.00pb3:

New in version 3.00pb2:

New in version 3.00pb1:

  • A lot of new options, optimization and UI improvements.

New in version 1.20:

  • Option to set UV map tile for branches and trunks. (Thanks to YANN for original idea)
  • Option to set volume for the tree branches.

New in version 1.12:

  • Fix open and save trees (*.at3d files) in 3ds Max 2013.
  • Fix pick new mesh function for leaves. Now the start point of the new leaves is at the same position as the pivot of the original object.

New in version 1.11:

  • New macro script to modify selected ATree3D object with keyboard shortcut or toolbar button.
  • When painting new trunks or branches, the name of the selected level does not change.

New in version 1.10:

  • Change the orientation of branches and leaves relative to parent or world.
  • Multiply branches and leaves count.
  • All leaves and branches now can be generated in spiral shape.
  • Leaves support more than one UVW map channels.
  • Paint with mouse the shape of trunks and branches.

New in version 1.00:

  • Load & Save files.
  • Load last used settings.
  • Bug fixes.

New in version 0.25:

  • Speed improvements.
  • Now you can modify already created models.
  • New download page with more information about the script.

How to install:

  • Download, extract and install the latest version.
  • Restart 3ds Max.
  • To add a keyboard shortcut or toolbar button go to 3ds Max menu, select: Customize > Customize User Interface... > in "Keyboard" or "Toolbar" tab select Group: Main UI and Category: AvizStudioTools. Assign keyboard shortcut to "AvizStudioTools - ATree3D" from "Keyboard" tab or from "Toolbar" tab drag and drop "AvizStudioTools - ATree3D" to a new or existing toolbar to create UI button for the script (for Windows 7 or Vista you may need to run 3ds max as administrator).

Demo videos:

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 7 or later
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themaxxer's picture

what if I want to use a

what if I want to use a complex mesh as leave where I have a twig and a lot of needles and the script overwrites the matID's? is there a way to keep the matID of the custom leaves? or does the script always overwrite them?
if so it would be nice to have a option to keep existing ID's.

thanks a lot for your effort.

best regards

mjbg's picture

Thank you very much i guess i

Thank you very much

i guess i havent tried changing the orientation of the leaf shape

atanasbak's picture

To mjbg

You can download from here file "Plants_LeavesABCD.zip" and load it into the script. You can see your 4 examples and the setting that I would use if I have to build that kind of leaves. Hope this helps.

mjbg's picture

sorry, i couldnt figure out

sorry, i couldnt figure out how to do it. I tried it almost every way possible.

i dont know if the image is clear for the type C. Maybe this images are clear:

as for type A, this type of "random" arrangement would be very useful for distributing spikes as well

atanasbak's picture

leaf arrangements

To use A and C type of leaves you can build group of five leaves as single mesh and then use it as "leaves level mesh" in the script.

mjbg's picture

leaf arrangements

only one question
there is any way to use other kinds of leaf arrangements?
like this image below:

at this moment i can only create the B option.. and A option if using only the trunk.. it would be great if i could use the A and C arrangements in branches also.. lots of bushes have this kinds of leaf arrangement

mjbg's picture

i will try on different max

i will try on different max versions.
i have used it only on max 9 sp2.. 32 and 64 bits.. the only plugin installed is vray.
but dont bother with it.. if nobody else is getting this bug it's probably something with my max

atanasbak's picture

I tried using different units

I tried using different units but still no errors in my system.
If you start the script and build some trees without modifying them do you get this "bug"?
Can you try on clean max install without any additional plugins or scripts?

mjbg's picture

i dont belive it's windows,

i dont belive it's windows, since i tested it on 4 different machines using windows 7, vista and xp.
could it be unit related? i'm using metric-centimeters
1 unit = 2,54 centimeters.

or maybe max version. haven't tried other versions but i belive it can be a max bug in scripts. noticed this "bug" on some other script. maybe the mouse tool?

atanasbak's picture

To themaxxer:It will be

To themaxxer:
It will be difficult to add such functionality and I think script will be too slow to work with. In such cases I use Vol.Select>Select By Mesh Object on final editable mesh of the trees.

To mjbg:
Yes I understand exactly what you mean. I get exactly the same error from time to time but not when I'm using this script. Usually it happens when I move object and for some reason mouse cursor jump from one end of the screen to the other.  The only thing that fix it is to restart 3ds max.
Unfortunately I could not manage to reproduce on purpose this behavior with or without running the script. For now I don't know if this is Windows, 3ds max or script related. 

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