BadShell: Nested Shell and Multimaterial Detection

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Detects and selects objects with nested shell and multi materials so they can be addressed by the artist.

Nested Shell materials occur when attaching objects in baked scenes without first clearing the Shell. At its worst, you can end up with Multi/Sub-Object material within a Shell that itself is within another Multi/Sub-Object, causing Max's material ID system to become confused about which material to use for each face.A Multi/Sub-Object directly within another Multi/Sub-Object causes the same issue to occur. 

Additional Info: 

To use, run the script then add button for BadShell to your interface from the category "# SmallpolyScripts".

-- Change Log
-- v0.12 -- 2018.02.02 -- Script cleanup and fixing messy scriptspot page. Renamed to BadShell. Console messages are simplified and now start with the object name. Button now says BadShell instead of MuliNest, which was misspelled and didn't connect to the original full name.
-- v0.11 -- 2017.04.20 -- Standardizing script format for upload
-- v0.10 -- 2012.03.16 -- First release

Version Requirement: 
Max 2012 - Max 2018 and higher.
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