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This a high efficiency render tool which is major used in Single Frame of inteior and exterior V-Ray rendering,animation features will add in future,not current version.

Batch Render Master is an awesome and fastest render plugin for Vray & 3dsmax,allows you to render your Vray scenes in a fully automatically way.

Major features:

Multiple scenes rendering

Multiple cameras rendering

Automatic create & load GI maps

Automatic render pass

Ignore missing maps
Automatic shutdown computer
Maximum saving your rendering time
Speed up your V-Ray rendering

More details,please visit here:

Batch Rendering Demo:

How to use:

Demo version Download:
You can download it directly from scriptspot:

Or here:

Additional Info: 

This tool was develped MANY YEARS ago,now we rebuilt it and translated it into an English version,hope this tool can help people who are in hard work of V-Ray rendering.

Any feedback or suggestions would be highly appreciated,thanks!

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max: 2009 or higher (32 bit or 64 bit);V-ray: Adv 1.5 SP or higher (32 bit or 64 bit);
Other Software Required: 
3dsmax,V-ray Adv
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oxygen2k's picture

what happend to this?

is there any information regarding this script?

Rost's picture

What happened to the site,

What happened to the site, with the developers. When will it work?
I have a license for one year, I bought earlier, but I can not activate, because activation through the site.

Turnim's picture

How do i buy the full version?


the script is pretty cool and i would like to buy the full version, but the website is down
Can you let me know where i can get the full version?


Photorealistic Architectural Visualizations

NicolasC's picture

website is down ?

No way to get full version somewhere ?


SUPERCOMBO's picture


Will it fit to corona renderer? Or only for vraY?

momo's picture

Batch Render Master 3.40.02 released.

Fixed all known bugs.

AttachmentSize 2.68 MB
Steve Partridge's picture

Looks very interesting..

Looks very interesting..

momo's picture

Hi, Thanks for reply,as

Thanks for reply,as motioned ,about the price, we will add monthly and perpetual license soon,we need a little time to adjust the plugin functions,we hope this plugin can be popular and has a reasonable price.

momo's picture

Hi, With our experience,the

With our experience,the major features are widely used :
Multiple scenes rendering
Multiple cameras rendering
Automatic save & load GI maps(Speed up your rendering)
Automatic render color and AO pass
Automatic created output filepath(it saves your time to create each file output path)
Automatic ignore missing maps(external files) when batch rendering,so that the batch rendering will not stop and run in a silence render mode

Maarten's picture

Best features

Very nice looking script! user interface also looks good :)
Is there anyone who has experience with this script?
What would you say are the most useful features in your opinion? :)

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