Bevel Profile

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- The General idea of this script is to convert Sweep Modifier to Bevel Profile

- But also you have the option to apply specific shape as profile .

- It has full control of the Profile .

- If you have Sweep Profile (made by Kstudio) installed there is a button to run it so you apply the section then convert it to Bevel Profile with (Sweep to Bevel Profile) Button .

- Sometimes the Script Stuck on Picking the Profile if that happend just pick the Section you want to apply (its already in the middle of the Screen if you Converting Sweep to Bevel Profile) .

- The Profile will be in Hidden Layer Called "Bevel_Profiles"

- If  the Script is open you can Control the Diminsion of the Scetion from Scale Spinners , But if you reopen the Script  it'll Lose the Section so the scale Spinners will control the Scale not the diminsions , unless you Typed the Section name in Section name Field (You can get the name of the section from Bevel profile Parameters) .

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UPDATE 1.01 :

- the Script give error when using Pick Section Button . (Fixed)