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Igor Grinchesku

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Hi, here is the new version of BGSwitcher which allow you in easy way to set in you viewport nice gradient backgrounds and modo like backgrounds


  • New ui
  • Fixed strips for gradient background (gamma 2.2 problems)
  • Spherical backgrounds like in modo (works just in  3DS Max 2012)
  • Silhouette tester
  • Dummy
  • Materials and improved wireframe randomizer
  • UV Cheker tool
  • Quick Materials
  • MaxScipt tools

I have recorded a video how to instal it and use BGSwitcher Smile it was first time when I made some explanation video and I was a bit nervous Embarassed  and Sorry for my English.

I had a bit of problem with video an audio synchronization at the end of video :( so I'll try to update it later. sorry for this

For runing script I used  Script Organizer
Also please have a look at Splitgatecentral video "Making of N0X-2292 (part 1)" on vimeo to see how usefull can be silhouette tester

If yo have any suggestion or found a bug please dont hasitate to contact me by mail. If you are interested to join and participate in discussion and developing of BGSwithcer feel fre to join to BGSwitcher room on IRC

Server:   Room: #BGSwitcher

Thank you!

Version Requirement: 
2011 or lower
Video URL: 
bgswitcher2rc.zip1.15 MB


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Arahnoid's picture

Thank you

Hi @miauu thank you for you suggestion, will definitely check RTTAsist script
@Michele71 thank you :)

Michele71's picture

Very, very nice job man! :)

Very, very nice job man! :)

miauu's picture

I have one suggestion :)When

I have one suggestion :)
When you are using Silhouette tester closing the BGSwitcher will leave the white(black) materials. It will be nice when you closing the BGSwitcher the original materials of the objects to be restored. :) This is easy to do. If you have some troubles look the RTTAssist code. :)

wearestardust's picture

No Mr Sky...

Nevermind, i still love your script, just forgot to tick "Use environment" in Viewport Background Settings...

wearestardust's picture

no mr sky?


I love your script and i bet its not the scripts fault,but installed it a couple of days ago and now i tried creating a daylight system with mr sky and i can´t see the mr sky in the viewport...any idea, what could cause the problem, if its NOT your script?

Arahnoid's picture

Hi ShiroEd

I work on big update of BGSwitcher and I hope in a month it will be ready There are fixed somehow problems with gamma backgrounds look not perfect but much better without large strips.

For now you can try to fix your background using:
Customize-Customize user interface - Colors(tab)- Viewport(dropdown menu) and find there Viewport background change color too (RGB 125 125 125) for light ui or RGB 9 9 9 for dark ui

After go to "Customize-Lock UI Layout" it will prevent changing background color after restart

ShiroEd's picture


Just wondering if you've managed to fix the problem with Gamma 2.2 and when we might expect an update?
Also how do I get it to save my background choice when I close Max down? Both 2011 and 2012 don't save my choice by the way.

Much appreciated and great work on an awesome script!

Arahnoid's picture

Just theoretically

Yes I guess theoretically it is possible but the way how I imagine it, will slow down viewport :(
Who know I am sure here are experts who can do it well but don't see some sense to do it.

by the way I almost figured out how to fix problems with striped background for 2.2 gamma it is not perfect but is much better :)

harumscarum's picture

great script!

i like modo gradient most of all. but is it possible to make parametric? i mean could it be rotatable like in modo?

Ace-Angel's picture

Fantastic Script!

EDIT: Argh, never-mind, I'm an idiot. Script works fine, thanks alot mate!

There's a very good chance that I experienced MORE problems, then all the internet put together in the area of 3D and Design, and I'm inventing more of them as time passes; also good chance no one is able to solve them. Talk about being ori

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