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Igor Grinchesku

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Hi, here is the new version of BGSwitcher which allow you in easy way to set in you viewport nice gradient backgrounds and modo like backgrounds


  • New ui
  • Fixed strips for gradient background (gamma 2.2 problems)
  • Spherical backgrounds like in modo (works just in  3DS Max 2012)
  • Silhouette tester
  • Dummy
  • Materials and improved wireframe randomizer
  • UV Cheker tool
  • Quick Materials
  • MaxScipt tools

I have recorded a video how to instal it and use BGSwitcher Smile it was first time when I made some explanation video and I was a bit nervous Embarassed  and Sorry for my English.

I had a bit of problem with video an audio synchronization at the end of video :( so I'll try to update it later. sorry for this

For runing script I used  Script Organizer
Also please have a look at Splitgatecentral video "Making of N0X-2292 (part 1)" on vimeo to see how usefull can be silhouette tester

If yo have any suggestion or found a bug please dont hasitate to contact me by mail. If you are interested to join and participate in discussion and developing of BGSwithcer feel fre to join to BGSwitcher room on IRC

Server:   Room: #BGSwitcher

Thank you!

Version Requirement: 
2011 or lower
Video URL: 
bgswitcher2rc.zip1.15 MB


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Arahnoid's picture

Thank you for reply

This days I will try to fix gamma problems.
I guess what I export images with wrong gamma. As you can see on screenshots of ui above gamma changes also affect buttons color in the script window.
First screenshot was made with gamma turned off and second one with gamma 2.2 and look much darker

If somebody have any idea how to fix gamma 2.2 please let me know.
I will highly appreciate any help

vbn's picture

Gamma 2.2 fix?

Great script, Igor!

I have just a minor request. I will be very happy (and I am sure many others too) if you find a fix for those who use gamma 2.2 (Linear Workflow)? I can't deactivate the gamma settings as you suggest because then my renders are looking wrong. For the gamma 2.2 users like me the banding on most of the presets is horrible. Thanks!

Arahnoid's picture


Sorry for so late answer
Please contact me by mail and I'll try to help you

Ale3d's picture

BGSwitcher don't Run

Please, help me. When I switch to any viewport background, an error appears and it says:
--No "SetAsBackground" function for undefined.
How can I fix this in the script?

Arahnoid's picture

Hi anujraghav thanks for

Hi anujraghav thanks for reply
what kind of rednderer you are using, because I don't see any difference of render speed in Mental Ray

anujraghav's picture

very nice script only issue

very nice script
only issue is when renderable is on rendertime increases drastically
even blank scene takes 10x longer then default

what i found was that its because of filtering , switching filtering to none increases the performance noticably

TiagoSales's picture

Already mailed to

Already mailed to you.

Arahnoid's picture

Hi Tiago of course I would

Hi Tiago Smile

of course I would like too see how you added this feature in script

I am working on second version of BG Switcher and I also have added possibility to see background in reder frame but maybe you did it better so please send me your version on mail [email protected]

I want to add more nice features in it   but because of my  beginner skills in max script it take more time than i thought




TiagoSales's picture

great script! I'm going to

great script! I'm going to use it a lot!
I have added some features on it like make background renderable.
i can show you if you don't see any problem.

A R K A I K O's picture

Thank you very much,working

Thank you very much,working nice here now!
I´m using Max 2011 32bits,OS Win Vista Ultimate 64 bits

Thank you mate!

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