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Igor Grinchesku

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Hi, here is the new version of BGSwitcher which allow you in easy way to set in you viewport nice gradient backgrounds and modo like backgrounds


  • New ui
  • Fixed strips for gradient background (gamma 2.2 problems)
  • Spherical backgrounds like in modo (works just in  3DS Max 2012)
  • Silhouette tester
  • Dummy
  • Materials and improved wireframe randomizer
  • UV Cheker tool
  • Quick Materials
  • MaxScipt tools

I have recorded a video how to instal it and use BGSwitcher Smile it was first time when I made some explanation video and I was a bit nervous Embarassed  and Sorry for my English.

I had a bit of problem with video an audio synchronization at the end of video :( so I'll try to update it later. sorry for this

For runing script I used  Script Organizer
Also please have a look at Splitgatecentral video "Making of N0X-2292 (part 1)" on vimeo to see how usefull can be silhouette tester

If yo have any suggestion or found a bug please dont hasitate to contact me by mail. If you are interested to join and participate in discussion and developing of BGSwithcer feel fre to join to BGSwitcher room on IRC

Server:   Room: #BGSwitcher

Thank you!

Version Requirement: 
2011 or lower
Video URL: 
bgswitcher2rc.zip1.15 MB


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Arahnoid's picture

Sorry for that I have made a

Sorry for that
I have made a small update of script
Now should be no problems with path, installation is more easy script not depend on drive or folder where you have installed 3d Max

I apologies for the script errors,but until end of the week I am very busy and have no time to fix all
Best regards,

A R K A I K O's picture

Hey,thanks for this,very

Hey,thanks for this,very nice!But doesn´t work to me!The Pop-up Max script appears with the message " --No setAsBackground function for undefined",what means?Sorry for newbie question!Help me,please =)

fajar's picture

can you just replace

can you just replace

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\Scripts\BGSwitcher\\" + imgName +".png" to #maxroot + imgName +".png", it'll make your path more can install it in Windows or 3dsMax which is max or windows doesnt installed in C ...


drdiegocolombo's picture

Problem resolved Wonderfull

Problem resolved

drdiegocolombo's picture

Error in 3ds max2009 when i

Error in 3ds max2009
when i chose one preference the message is "--No "setasBackground" function for undefined
Thanks for help

alelink's picture

very well done, thanks!

very well done, thanks!

traustinn's picture

This is really nice...GREAT

This is really nice...GREAT JOB!! :)

Arahnoid's picture

Thank you :) )) in the next

Thank you :)
)) in the next version will be less problems with installation

real08121985's picture

Maybe this is useful for you.

Maybe this is useful for you. The second line of code solved so many problems for me.

-- 3ds max scripts folder
scriptsDir = symbolicPaths.getPathValue "$scripts"
-- folder of this scriptfile
thisDir = getFilenamePath(getSourceFilename())
Massemannen's picture

Friggin´cool! Additional

Friggin´cool! Additional option could be to also change edge colors and face colors...

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