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Arda Kutlu



Book Rigger is the "one click" Page Turn solution for 3ds Max.

With Book Rigger it is extremely easy to make complex and accurate page and book animations inside 3ds Max in a few minutes if not seconds.







Main Features:

  • Create and Rig a whole book with any number of pages just in a single click
  • Interactive controls of page properties and turn-land-shuffle options.
  • Ability to Randomize secondary motion
  • Ability to shuffle the pages and adjust overall speed using multiplier
  • Ability to assign single/double sided materials and diffuse textures from animated sequences.
  • Ability to take apart all or some of the pages and provide them random directions.

What is new in version 3.0?

  • All Features are now completely interactive and adjustable at any time
  • Added Animatable Crease correction
  • Added Animatable "Bottom Angle" property
  • Added "Minimum Turn Angle" property
  • General Code optimization

Version History:

version 2.5 -Texturing options fixed

-Maximum degree of gizmo's randomization added

-Show Texture option is added (it is advised to let it unchecked books containing lots of pages and relatively high textures) ------------------------

version 2.21

-Bug Fix regarding to the Torn Apart options. Now it torns apart pages even if the  default in/out tangents are different than linear.

-Ability to turn the following page, before the previous one lands (shuffle) It is added as Shuffle Control to the master controller. It is also animatable. now its very easy to create a book which pages starts to turn slowly and speeds up gradually until it shuffles very fast.

version 2.1

-Added Take Apart Option


version 2.0

-New UI

-Added Crease center options for Flexibility, Turner and Landing parts. It allows greater control over creases.

-Added Crease Level for  Turner part which allows changing altitude of crease. It also make possible 360 degree turns properly.

-Added Material section. You can assign double or single sided materials. It is also possible to assign an image sequence and Book rigger makes every pages diffuse texture the corresponding frame number of that image sequence.


version 1.0Beta

-First release


Version Requirement: 
compatible with 2009 and above
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cinematicfusion's picture

I agree, amazing script but

I agree, amazing script but I'm having the same problem like everyone else. Can't get double sided material to work?

1. Using 3ds max 2009 64 bit

2. I check dbl side material in the Book Rigger v2.21 panel

3. click on "select front material", put material in the first spot on the material editor, then click the front material button again in the book rigger v2.21 panel

4. I repeat this step again with the "select back mat"

5 I leave image alpha checked.

6. I select "go" from the book rigger panel

7. grab the helper to turn a page

8. When I render the page it only shows the first material on both the front and back on the page.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong?

Also, having problem with the Images sequence part...
I get a "Maxscript rollout handler exception", it says.... Unable to convert: Undefined to type: Interger

What I'm doing is selecting both materials front and back side on the book rigger, clicking on the "select sequence", going to my image files. They are .tga format, I select the first image "pageo1", there are 6 images and are numbered. I select the sequence button.

everything seems ready to roll but I get the exception when I click the go button on the book rigger panel.

Thank you for any help you may give, and thank you for creating this amazing script.

movingmagic's picture

Hi, this is a great


this is a great script.
I am going nuts however because I cannot succeed in creating a normal book with double sided pages.

I read all the explanations above but still cannot do it.

I come as far as creating images on one side, but the other side stays black.

What material should you make in the material editor. Should you assign an image sequence in the material of the material editor? Should you click "2 sided" in the material editor?

I am lost.

Please help.

masquerade's picture

I just checked again and it

I just checked again and it seems well. You have to check double sided material and assign two materials for the front and back pages. If you dont check "double Sided" it just assigns selected material to every page. And if you dont create a two sided material, naturally it doesnt render the back of the pages.

wicq08's picture

hi, love the script but i

hi, love the script but i have problems with materials.
it doesnt matter if I checked the 2 sided material from the book rigger tool , it only assigns the front not the back unless i chekced 2 side in the material editor.
when I assign front material is ok but when I assign back material just replace the front material and the back material remains black and doesnt render. Am I doing something wrong? i did all i could imagine even reading help in the book rigger tool. please help me with that

masquerade's picture

I checked it again with 3ds

I checked it again with 3ds Max 2008, nothing seems wrong. I dont think it would be related with max 2009, since you mentioned no error message. Here is the basic precedure, make sure you follow it.

 - make sure you use the latest version (2.21) If you are using vray sp2 use that version.

- after deciding the page options, under the material section click select front material button.

- Material editor will pop up, the first material in the material editor will be the material of your pages. Create a material in here or copy one from other slots to the first slot of the material editor. You can ONLY use standard material, Arch_Design Material (MentalRay) or Vray Material. Dont use, multi, doublesided, blend or any other material. click to the "Click When Done" button from Book Riggers material menu when you are done.

- If you want each page to be double sided, check "Double Sided" and assign another material for the back of each page from "Select Back Mat."

- Click to the "Select Sequence (Dif)" button from Material section of Book Rigger. From here you will assign an image sequence to each page of the book as a diffuse map. your images must be in numerical order (page01.jpg, page02.jpg, page03.jpg ...) select one of them and dont forget to check sequence option in the browser page. You can later define the Alpha source of the selected bitmap from book rigger. (image Alpha, RGB Intensity or None(opaque)) these are the same setting as the default bitmap alpha options.

-Click Go to create the Book Rig. 


revanimus's picture

Hello, this seems to be a

Hello, this seems to be a very useful tool. But unfortunately I don't succeed in assigning an image sequence. I mean I can tell the script where to find the images but when I render a frame the pages are simply colored and don't have any picture assigned to them. I wanted to use the script for a booklet of a DVD with pictures on the different pages.
What am I doing wrong? I'm running it on 3dsmax 2009.

masquerade's picture

Mikerad,thats a good


thats a good question. I never thought that actually.

With current modifiers i think it is not possible. Though it is possible to modify the script to add extra modifiers or changing the properties of current ones. I can work on that when I have some time. thanks. 

Mikerad's picture

I am new in using scripts,

I am new in using scripts, therefore, please, excuse my amateur opinion. Your script fits very well to the situations when pages are turned by a wind or two fingers which grasp a page before its turning. Is it possible to add an option of turning pages by one finger? In this case the right part of a page first slides on the surface of the next page while its left part arches, and only then it turns, following the finger.

niedziak's picture

Problem solved, it was my

Problem solved, it was my fault. Sorry.

niedziak's picture

The problem is, after

The problem is, after running the script (MAXScript --> Run Script...) listener doesn't respond (I've opened it and try to run the script under it, but nothing happened). I didn't find the option in keyboard shortcuts after that. So I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

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