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Arda Kutlu



Book Rigger is the "one click" Page Turn solution for 3ds Max.

With Book Rigger it is extremely easy to make complex and accurate page and book animations inside 3ds Max in a few minutes if not seconds.







Main Features:

  • Create and Rig a whole book with any number of pages just in a single click
  • Interactive controls of page properties and turn-land-shuffle options.
  • Ability to Randomize secondary motion
  • Ability to shuffle the pages and adjust overall speed using multiplier
  • Ability to assign single/double sided materials and diffuse textures from animated sequences.
  • Ability to take apart all or some of the pages and provide them random directions.

What is new in version 3.0?

  • All Features are now completely interactive and adjustable at any time
  • Added Animatable Crease correction
  • Added Animatable "Bottom Angle" property
  • Added "Minimum Turn Angle" property
  • General Code optimization

Version History:

version 2.5 -Texturing options fixed

-Maximum degree of gizmo's randomization added

-Show Texture option is added (it is advised to let it unchecked books containing lots of pages and relatively high textures) ------------------------

version 2.21

-Bug Fix regarding to the Torn Apart options. Now it torns apart pages even if the  default in/out tangents are different than linear.

-Ability to turn the following page, before the previous one lands (shuffle) It is added as Shuffle Control to the master controller. It is also animatable. now its very easy to create a book which pages starts to turn slowly and speeds up gradually until it shuffles very fast.

version 2.1

-Added Take Apart Option


version 2.0

-New UI

-Added Crease center options for Flexibility, Turner and Landing parts. It allows greater control over creases.

-Added Crease Level for  Turner part which allows changing altitude of crease. It also make possible 360 degree turns properly.

-Added Material section. You can assign double or single sided materials. It is also possible to assign an image sequence and Book rigger makes every pages diffuse texture the corresponding frame number of that image sequence.


version 1.0Beta

-First release


Version Requirement: 
compatible with 2009 and above
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skubeedoo's picture

parenting objects

is there any way to parent objects to a page?

ikaru's picture

can't see animation of pages using the time slide

it opens up perfectly but when I put key frames lets sayfrom 01 to 20 and try to test the animation of pages using the time slides nothing happens.
please help I am in the middle of a proyect which I have to deliver.
do Ineed to clean previous versions? in that case how I can do it?
many thanks

how do I activate it ? do you send an e mail for activation after the pucharse or something

Leandro Salerno's picture

Shuffle on reverse animation no work.

Hello, this script is great! but shuffle on reverse no working....

1. create book.
2. animate page to 10.
3. set Shuffle to 1000
4. animate page to 0. And Shuffle no work.

any solution?

gerrieross's picture

Any idea to get the entire

Any idea to get the entire guide in ebook and or printable format. Need it for my business needs.

diegovr's picture

Didn't read the part that

Didn't read the part that said there's no direct download, lol.
I'll wait.

diegovr's picture


Hi man, I've just paid for the book rigger in your side using paypal, but after the confirmation page nothing else happens, how do I download it now?
Btw, great reel!

masquerade's picture

which version are you using?

which version are you using?

Menna_Mahmoud's picture

am trying to load sequence of

am trying to load sequence of images and every time the script reads only the last image in the sequence and apply it to the whole pages

1_book.jpg 134.02 KB
masquerade's picture

Thank you phamton. Very nice

Thank you phamton. Very nice sketchbook by the way. I also appreciate the credit.

phamtom's picture

hi Arda---i came across your

hi Arda---i came across your script through fellow animation student Jais. thanks so much for putting this out there for everyone to use---really cool on your part!
here's my virtual Moleskine:

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