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Arda Kutlu



Book Rigger is the "one click" Page Turn solution for 3ds Max.

With Book Rigger it is extremely easy to make complex and accurate page and book animations inside 3ds Max in a few minutes if not seconds.







Main Features:

  • Create and Rig a whole book with any number of pages just in a single click
  • Interactive controls of page properties and turn-land-shuffle options.
  • Ability to Randomize secondary motion
  • Ability to shuffle the pages and adjust overall speed using multiplier
  • Ability to assign single/double sided materials and diffuse textures from animated sequences.
  • Ability to take apart all or some of the pages and provide them random directions.

What is new in version 3.0?

  • All Features are now completely interactive and adjustable at any time
  • Added Animatable Crease correction
  • Added Animatable "Bottom Angle" property
  • Added "Minimum Turn Angle" property
  • General Code optimization

Version History:

version 2.5 -Texturing options fixed

-Maximum degree of gizmo's randomization added

-Show Texture option is added (it is advised to let it unchecked books containing lots of pages and relatively high textures) ------------------------

version 2.21

-Bug Fix regarding to the Torn Apart options. Now it torns apart pages even if the  default in/out tangents are different than linear.

-Ability to turn the following page, before the previous one lands (shuffle) It is added as Shuffle Control to the master controller. It is also animatable. now its very easy to create a book which pages starts to turn slowly and speeds up gradually until it shuffles very fast.

version 2.1

-Added Take Apart Option


version 2.0

-New UI

-Added Crease center options for Flexibility, Turner and Landing parts. It allows greater control over creases.

-Added Crease Level for  Turner part which allows changing altitude of crease. It also make possible 360 degree turns properly.

-Added Material section. You can assign double or single sided materials. It is also possible to assign an image sequence and Book rigger makes every pages diffuse texture the corresponding frame number of that image sequence.


version 1.0Beta

-First release


Version Requirement: 
compatible with 2009 and above
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Admin's picture

Maybe this will help - from

Maybe this will help - from the "Additional Info" section above:

"This is a Macroscript. After you run the script, you can find the
script under customize => customize user interface - category: Tik
Works, and can assign it to a hotkey, menu or quad menu"

Christopher Grant

niedziak's picture

Will it work with 3DS MAX

Will it work with 3DS MAX 2009 x64? I tried to run it on this version, but program didn't reacted to it.

masquerade's picture

you are welcome. Honestly, I

you are welcome. Honestly, I couldn figure out myself why it isnt working without setting keyframes... And probably I should find a better control mechanism for that.

ebee's picture

Thank you for your fast

Thank you for your fast reply!
Yes I got it working now with a shuffle-value of 200.

masquerade's picture

Yes. Shuffle option does the

Yes. Shuffle option does the exact thing in your image. You see, normally each page starts its animation after the previos one landed. Shuffle option defines overlapping value of each page. If you increase that value (You have to make an page turn animation before) you will notice that space between pages decrease. (making the animation shorter.) 

By the way, I read your message one more time, and realized that you didnt do that image of yours using shuflle option. In that case, I can say that you have to set your page keys first, then try to increase shuffle value.

I know it doesnt work very practical right now. I am working on it.

ebee's picture

Hello! The Shuffle-parameter

The Shuffle-parameter doesn't seem to have any effect.
I'm using 64bit max 2009.

edit: no... it does _something_. The flipping speed seems to change somehow... but should I be able to achieve something like this with it? (click here)
Now whatever values I use in shuffle, I can't get more than one page up at a time.

masquerade's picture

D,R, it is possible, but it


it is possible, but it dramatically decreases the viewport performance.

You can use two sided materials instead. Inside the script you can assign two sided materials and assign sequences to the pages.

Or you can add shell modifier to one page and instance them to the other pages. You may use Modifier Instancer for this particular situation.

nikiken's picture

thank you, look very tiptop.

thank you, look very tiptop.

D.R.'s picture

I Love this script, when you

I Love this script, when you are working on the new version of the script, and i don't know if it is posible now, but can you make it so that each page has a front and a back for two sided reading. This way if you want to have a blank page on the back of each page or the next page show on the back.

aimerYuer's picture

That's OK now, how careless

That's OK now, how careless I am!

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