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Thomas Wrobel

Generates a random bookcase from parameters supplied. Gives a fairly good variance to the look and clustering of books to produce a real-ish looking shelf layout. (you can specify how messy) With good textures you could make a library in a few minutes. Usage Notes; Just use the templatebook model in your scene (its in the enclose max file), and run the script. It will then put the bookcase maker under your helpers. Notes 2; I consider all of this open source under creative commons share-alike - feel free to use/edit and make your own version of this script.

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did it work for you?

Incidentally, so I take it the scriptworked for you?
Weirdly I download it fresh now and I get nothing but undefined errors everywhere :-/
I haven't changed anything so this seems crazy.

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Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay replying.
No, that isnt me...rather embarrassingly I think I must have left his name in when using part of it as a template.
I am very new to max scripting, and I copied most of the code for placing a box as the interface.
Theres certainly A LOT in the script that can be improved.

Regarding the template, you can customise it a bit yourself, but it uses the custom parameters to alter the look of the books (like height/width/thickness).
If you had your own template with the same parameters called the same things it should work though.
The script recognises the template by name. Honestly, a lot here is a hack job. I had fun trying to get an interesting result rather then doing things the best way...sorry about that ;)

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This is a really interesting script, barring a proper description, the book template has a number of different custom attributes and procedural textures that get randomized and a book case created with all the randomized books placed on the shelf.

It's a little difficult to see how the bookcase itself will come out b/c when you draw out the bookcase marker, its basically a box helper and the dimensions aren't visual.

Also, the script says DenisT at the top, is that you or did he make it for you? ive seen him around at cgtalk;

maybe a bit more description of what you can do with this, like can you make your own book template, and does the script recognize the book template by name or attribute?

All your scriptz are belong to me!

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