Bouncy Bones for max 2009-2010-2011

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Bouncy Bones 1.0

Bouncy Bones 1.0 by Jonah Shafer

The script is compatible with max 2009, max 2010, and max 2011.  I have not tested with 2012, but the 2011 version might work for that as well.  If someone can confirm this for me that would be great!  The files are available for download on my website in the sharing section.

- Please give me credit if you use this script for any commercial purposes, this took a long time for me to get it to this point.

- If you do something cool with this script, let me know and send me an email.

Bouncy Bones 1.0 is a toolkit script I put together to make the creation of dynamic bones or objects with secondary motion faster. Once you apply the script to bones or objects, you can affect all of the bouncy bones in your scene with global parameters. There is also a default wind force applied automatically which adds random motion to the dynamic bones which can be globally adjusted or turned off if needed.

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File download is located on my sharing page. *Update - I've changed my homepage in a recent update and at the moment it no longer has a link to my sharing page, but you can still get access to the file. Find the link to access my old website in the first description paragraph on my new homepage, and from there you should be able to get to the sharing page.

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help to download script

Hello I am unable to download the bouncy bone script, can someone send it to me by email please. my email address is :[email protected] cheers Nigel

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It may be old but works perfect in 2014

There's probably something exactly the same in max 2014 but I cannot find it, found this though and it works perfectly, plus, I love the code comments, a very handy tool and useful code.

I tried to like your page for google and FB, both failed, I'm hoping its my explorer, have been having problems with it since the update, will try until you get the plus and like's

Thank you

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:) I really appreciate the comments, and thank you so much for the +

Check out my site -

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Since this is your first

Since this is your first script on this site I'll give you big +1.
Just keep it up. By the way, you have very nice site.


The Mind Forest's picture

Thank you barigazy..

The videos of for your script are really nice, seems like a super useful tool! have just recently found these other scripts of yours as well and they are all very impressive, you have some really useful but cool scripts and it is great you have shared them. I can really appreciate the result and the work you put in!

Check out my site -

barigazy's picture

Nice works, TheMindForest I

Nice works, TheMindForest
I love to see good shaking effect as secondary animation.
I recently tried to use spring ctrl for my camera rig tool,
where i try to achive *delay*-effect. I used different approach
for similar effect. Maybe find some inspiration in this


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