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Okey I know there are some similar scripts outhere, but I created one I hope people will find this one useful.

- Create or add a maincamera
- Add other cameras
- Key a camera to switch
- You can easily change timing by drag the keys
- Realtime preview (because the use of one main camera)
- Render out the mainCamera

 Questions/Comments? please contact me

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1.Download ""
2.MAXScript>Run Script
3.Nothing visuals happens
4.Customize>Customize User Interface
5.ToolBar tab
6.Group : Main UI and Category : Custom
7.drag "Camera Switcher" somewhere on your gui to create a button
8.Press to open the dialogue

if you dont want a button just run ""

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cameraswitcher.ms24.91 KB
cameraswitcher_run.ms24.85 KB


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I have no vray licence and a

I have no vray licence and a eduation version cost to much for me. I don't use vray so.. can't promise you anything. You can link a vray cam to the standard main camera but that's about it.

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Great script, what are the

Great script, what are the chances of Vray camera support ?


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Camera switcher

I have looked at your videos for 3incampack script, and i must say its an awesome script, very intense camera control, but can be a little daunting and seems complicated to use, maybe it isnt...

But i think you are missing the point, Jos has a created a really simple interface clear and easy to understand and is quick to complicated menus etc.

for a quick control camera switch this for me would be the one to use, hopefully Jos will intergrate vraycameras also in the near future.

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I've send you a message (through scriptspot) but I've got no respons. I've tried the script in version 2012&2013 and everythings fine. Did you use the _run version? Can you give more information on the error (which line etc).. Thanks

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Seems nice :D

It looks like the script i was looking for.
Just to be able to render my animation (6 fly through cam) in 1 shot!

But when i run the script i get an error:

-- Unable to convert: #free to type: Integer

I'm running 3dsmax 2011 x64 and Vray Sp1.5

Any idea?

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3inCamPack is big script

3inCamPack is big script project.I collect a lot different operations related to max cams in three scripts
- jumperCam (for fast adjustments of scene cams and more than that)
- spyroflyCam (advanced turntable)
- chaserCam (advanced camera rig)
Only with cahserCam you can recognises and adjust the camera's rig.
But i don't know, you need to explore and try other options in this pack :)
Cheers Jos!


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yes, looks awsome!

well yes i have checked your video JumperCam part 1 and 2. It looks like a very good tool and very advanced! But I don't know if it was what i need (haven't tried it, shameEmbarassed) I needed a simpel script like the one I wrote. When you open the scene a week later it recognises the camera's and you can keep working on it. (I don't even know if this feature is implemented in your campack). I also wanedt it to update auto if I changed the animation of a camera. (I don't know if yours does?). And I also want to develop my maxscript skills. You're way better then me!

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