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Branko Živković

Version 1.7
Simple script that converts any NormalBump map to VRayNormalMap and vice versa.

Additional Info: 

This tool works on any object in the scene with assigned VRay material.
Requested here:
>>> Update v1.4 (max2010+):
- affect only selected objects or convert all scene materials
- preserve instances
- optimized code
>>> Update v1.5 (max2014+):
- added support for gamma override (works in max2014 and up)
- optimized code
>>> Update v1.6 (max2014+):
- optimized code
- fixed some bugs requested by TwilightZoney
NOTE: script will close MEditor before start converting process.
>>> Update v1.7 :
- rewritten code from scratch
- supports max 2017 and vray 3+
NOTE: all new parameters of VRay NormalMap will be converted to standard normal map and vice versa. Also make sure to save the scene before use this tool ;)

Version Requirement: 
max2014+ vray 2+ vray 3+
bga_convertnormalmaps_v1.4.ms1.75 KB
bga_convertnormalmaps_v1.5.ms2.33 KB
bga_convertnormalmaps_v1.6.ms2.69 KB
bga_convertnormalmaps_v1.7.ms2.95 KB
bga_convertnormalmaps_v1.7.mcr3.05 KB


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Doesn''t work with Multi/Subs

Does not work when the vray material with the normal map is within a multi/sub material.

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I added macroscript by your request



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works perfectly on max 2018 and vray 3.60

4 stars, cause it needs a category and a toolbar location for frequent use.

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Thank you very much!

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version 1.7

The script is updated to version 1.7


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3dsmax2017 vray 3.5 compatibility

Dear Branko,

I used youre script since some of the latest vray updates because of the normal bump issues. Since I work with max17 at work Id like to use that script, too. But when I run it, it does not change anything and there are no error messages. Could you please check for a compatibility to max17? That would be awesome.

pixelab's picture

Thanks a lot ! Time saver

Only small issue, it converts the Normal map into multiple Vraynormal maps if it's used multiple times.

CGough88's picture

lost bump maps

Hi, is it at all possible to carry over the bump map slot too? When I've been using it the script will only carry over the bitmap for the normal map slot and loose the bitmap from the bump slot.

many thanks though, this script has been a great help.

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version 1.6

Fixed some bugs requested here


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Sorry but this tool is not material convertor but only texture map in this case Normal Bump convertor


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