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Branko Živković

Version 1.6
Simple script that converts any NormalBump map to VRayNormalMap and vice versa.

Additional Info: 

This tool works on any object in the scene with assigned VRay material.
Requested here:
>>> Update v1.4 (max2010+):
- affect only selected objects or convert all scene materials
- preserve instances
- optimized code
>>> Update v1.5 (max2014+):
- added support for gamma override (works in max2014 and up)
- optimized code
>>> Update v1.6 (max2014+):
- optimized code
- fixed some bugs requested by TwilightZoney
NOTE: script will close MEditor before start converting process.

Version Requirement: 
max2014+ vray 2.0+
bga_convertnormalmaps_v1.4.ms1.75 KB
bga_convertnormalmaps_v1.5.ms2.33 KB
bga_convertnormalmaps_v1.6.ms2.69 KB


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lost bump maps

Hi, is it at all possible to carry over the bump map slot too? When I've been using it the script will only carry over the bitmap for the normal map slot and loose the bitmap from the bump slot.

many thanks though, this script has been a great help.

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version 1.6

Fixed some bugs requested here


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Sorry but this tool is not material convertor but only texture map in this case Normal Bump convertor


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Blend Materials

Now if only there was a capacity to convert standard blend materials to vrayblendmtl, since from version 3.3 of vray standard blend materials are no longer supported...

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Doesn't work as expected


Thank you for this great idea but unfortunately it doesn't work as I expected.
Once I ran the script, all the NormalBump maps have been replaced with a single VRayNormalMap instanced in all the slots.
Please see the screenshot:

normalbump_script.jpg 441.84 KB
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Very important script thank you "Branko" for making it ,
I just want to ask you if you can make it global (i mean replacing Normal Map with Vray Normal Map) wherever it was (in my case it was in Mix Map not directly in Bump Slot) .
Thank you in advanced.

2015-09-06_175203.jpg 141.77 KB
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Error on Material with a lot of multi-sub materials


First of all, this script help me a lot, it is much easier than looking for materials one by one. And it is working for me 99% of times.

But I am having a problem, I have some Vray proxies (a car in that case) that have a lot of materials (Multi/Sub-Object), 47 to be precise. And after I run the script, it gets its bump slots all with the same map.

Attached some prints that shows the problem.

Any ideas whats happening, and how to fixed it?


Sorry my bad english...

car_after_script.jpg 42.06 KB
car_materials.jpg 162.29 KB
car_original.jpg 34.16 KB
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Everything is working GREAT NOW!

Thanks Branko,
I can now confirm it's working great with V-Ray 3 and also on complex scenes ..
No more crashes or weird artifacts .. You saved us precious time!

P.S: anyone had crashes before with multiscatter plugin or even random crashes caused by normal bump map .. You should try this script!

thanks to scriptspot community

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Thanks guys :)


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Great idea :) great time saver !

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