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This script is intended to add and tweak settings of Corona Color correct nodes, it is only compatible with Corona Physical Materials,  i will add support for legacy material in futur version.

You can add some Corona Color correct with any specified values on any selected material slot (Diffuse, Bump, Roughness, Translucency, Self Illumination),the existing bitmaps will be kept inside the color correct.

you can also change any parameter afterward.

i've added some randomization to each parameter.

For example you can add some corona color correct on diffuse and bump with default value, then select only diffuse and choose a random  hue , then you select the bump and roughness and set saturation at -1 and adjust contrast or gamma to your needs. The randomize part will set a random value to the existing material so all objects with the assigned material will get a new color or new bump value, if you need to get each object to have a random color then you can use my other script ( corona material automator ) to create one material by selected objects (in the bottom part of the script), then the random values will be scattered across selected object materials, i will add this option later , or maybe merge the two script into one...

Installation as any other script, drag and drop in the viewport, then go to customize, customize user interface, tool bar, category "SimonScripts"


Version Requirement: 
tested on 3dsmax 2023 corona 9
Other Software Required: 
Corona Render