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CURVES_to_3DS allows you to make 3d models right from Adobe Photoshop in a single click.

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Usage :

1. In Adobe Photoshop make selection using one of the methods, use the hotkey F3 to activate CURVES_to_3DS.
2. Switch to the Autodesk 3DSMAX, place the cursor at the desired viewport and coords for your 3D model, call QuadMenu (right mouse button), select CURVES_to_3DS to create a flat 3D object or CURVES_to_3DS.Lathe to create a body of revolution.

Notes for Adobe Photoshop :

- When creating 3D objects from the selection there is a small error. This is due to the fact that the contours are optimized before exporting to 3DSMAX to create a 3D object with a smaller number of faces.
- If you want an exact copy of the contour in 3D object, you can create "Workpath" by yourself, use the "Make Work Path" or import from Adobe Illustrator.
- 3D object created from the "Workpath", retains its size in mm.

Tip : If You have an image with a low resolution, first increase the resolution of your image, then select object, use the “Refine Edge“ for the improvement of result and turn the selection in the "Workpath", using “Make Work Path“ func.

Notes for Autodesk 3DSMAX :

- 3D object is created at the point of Quad Menu call.
- Texture for 3D object is created and applied automatically. Texture files are stored in the project folder (in the "maps" folder).
- “Neutral_Material“ is assigned as the default material to the sides of the created objects, so that you can control all the sides of created objects simultaneously.

Version Requirement: 
Tested on: Autodesk 3dsmax 2009-2016
Other Software Required: 
Tested on: Adobe Photoshop CS4-CC2014
Video URL: 
curves_to_3ds.rar7.3 KB


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Hi could you please let me know how you get the script working for 3dmax 2018 and photoshop 2018?

[email protected]

great is the great

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Steps Required

Can you please specify the steps of installation that you followed for a successful installation because i am not able to get it work with 3dsmax 2015 and photoshop cc 2018....


runmax's picture

Thank you so much

successful tested with 3ds max 2018 and Photoshop cc 2018! Thank you so much!

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script not working with latest photoshop

Hi guys,
just installed the script but the script is not working with latest photoshop version and workaround for it... please help...

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Guys, I`ve uploaded the files here as attachement.

Also tested with 3dsmax 2016 & PS CC2014 - all works.

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no longer exists!

no longer exists!

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VK3D Link has a Virusey Pop-up

Be Cautious! Script looks great but not going to go through that hoop again!

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i want this script

can someone send this script

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Links broken

Hey guys,
Links are broken. Someone have issue ? BR.)

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Please send me printscreen

Please send me printscreen with error to [email protected]

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