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Branko Živković

Simple tool to cyle trough viewports with zoom selected option.

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Requested by vikirecon

Install and settings:

Place this *.ms file inside Scripts > Startup folder or U can run it manually from any directory. Before use it open it in any text editor and change coordinates of screen position because minimalistic UI of this tool can't move manually on the screen.
This is my option (top-middle position)

Change this coord values in line 42 of the script.

All the button letters represents viewport first letter. Place cursor over to see tooltip.
At the moment the tool cycle through front, left and right view by request. To change the other way you can use other numbers in "cycle" array which represent the position of view name in "views"array. (see code line 7 and 8)

I added also macroscript to cycle through front, left and right view. Drag-drop it in viewport and go to Customize User Interface > Keyboard > Category (bgaTools) and assign hotkey

Version Requirement: 
bga_cyclezoomview_v1.0.ms2.43 KB
bga_cycleviews.mcr459 bytes


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fedemas1969's picture

well done

sure, i put the link just for try to explain myself. Thanks for share your scripts i'm a beginner but always i found your stuff very professional.

barigazy's picture


is possible for sure, but you need to ask the author of ProViewportSwitcher for permission to use his code in my tool


fedemas1969's picture

cycle without resetting the views

I'm wondering if is possible to cycle between 2 determinate maximized viewports (eg. Front viewport and perspective viewport) without resetting the views (like is done here so you can assign one key to work in perspective, change to a front view and back where you was in perspective using only one key. I hope have sense.

vikirecon's picture

@Barigazy :)

hi gm Branko

thank you so much

feel highly indebted to you
this is what i need

you are my hero

thanks again

with love


barigazy's picture


You have macro also.


vikirecon's picture

@Barigazy :)

hi Branko

Thank You so so much for helping me and detailing everything in so eloquent and articulate manner

i am highly obliged

but may be i was idiotic in presenting my question

what i need is i want to assign a hotkey to it i dont need a rollout for which i have to button press it basically cycle front left and right view with using a hotkey

by the way thanks again for taking time out of your schedule and providing us (noobs)

such a wonderful script.



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