Delete UnRemovable Layer

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Aslan Tamjidi

It may happen to you that you wanna remove an empty layer that you created before but delete option is grayed out in layer-manager and you no longer able to remove that layer. just remember that 3Ds Max never let you delete a layer while it contain some nodes nor default layer called “0”. but in some rare situations even an empty layer that you created and then you have done with it and want to delete it, but 3Ds Max not let you do that. It’s happen because of some unclassified nodes that came with your imported models from other programs, so you can’t see them in viewport and not in layer manager too. The only way to get rid of them is to select that Nodes from MaxScript and delete them manually so layer’s delete option will back again.

Additional Info: 

By pressing BIG delete button, the active layer on layer manager will be deleted with a notification by a query window. press Yes to force removing layer. just remember all objects on active layer will be deleted with it. Undo function is enabled so no need to panic it’s just ctrl+Z to undone… Smile

INFO link under Delete button will take you right to script info and download page.





  1. Download the zip file by going to “Download URL” link below.
  2. unzip the file and drag the .mcr file to your 3Ds Max viewport.
  3. go to “Customize” menu and press “Customize User Interface”.
  4. in the toolbars tab in Category drop-down list Pick “Aslan”
  5. drag and drop “Remove Undeletable Layer” to your toolbar
  6. have fun.
Version Requirement: 
+ 2012