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Esr mini browser is another inhouse script that i wrote for my daily basis works.Usually 3d artists work with many folders contains such as textures, materials , referances etc.With this tiny script you can save your favourite folders path,maxscipts full path and also software full path in a list.So you can launch all this paths in the list whenever you want. For complete usage please watch the video.

NOTE:Script save ".ini" file that contains list items in D:\ drive.So your D drive must be accesible.


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Tested in 3ds max 2014-2017

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Thanks for sharing such valuable script here it helped me to compelete the process admire your effort


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bu harika scrip' ti en kısa zamanda deneyeceğim... videosunda harika işler çıkartıyor... Rabbim seni hergün mulu ve başarılı kılsın İnşallah... size bir daha teşekkür ederim Allah Razı olsun sizden ve sizler gibilerinden...

ı am 3ds in an 3ds my in

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Thanks for sharing your script! It'd be great if you could update it so any drive/path could be used for the .ini path but you didn't even have to share the script in the first place so I am grateful either way.

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Start by double-clicking the button "GO" for a very long time.
Rename the name and file paths.
The ability to attach to the edge.

Thank you for your work.

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Yes, path for INIs and such should rather use $userscripts than a drive letter like D:.
As for me, I sync my $userscripts folder in Dropbox which means the INI file would be available on all my computers.

Kind regards

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looks good but...

what if you dont have a D drive? I have other drive letters and everytime i try and run it on a new scene and load the script, its empty and the folders arent saved

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