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Lorne Brooks

Designed specifically for Unreal (3 & 4) workflow, this script provides a quick way to export scene data with minimal interaction with scene objects.

The script will quickly export static meshes and their existing collisions, skeletal meshes or skeletal animations using the FBX format.

For a full list of features see the attached PDF guide. The guide is also installed with the script and accessible via the interface.




Version 2.3;
- Added support for skeletal meshes to use the Level of Detail (LoD) sets when exporting. Also, skeletal meshes can now be grouped (for convenience) even if not part of a LoD set.
- Added a remove LoD button to the settings UI. Allows disassociation with the Level of Detail utility plugin for selected LoD groups.

Version 2.2;
- For batch animation exporting, the selected maxfiles dialog will now close (if open) if the selected maxfiles checkbox is unchecked.
- Added support for Level of Detail utility for static meshes only, thus render meshes and LOD's can be exported together with collisions (as UE4 supports importing of LOD's if available in a single FBX file).
- Added 2017/2018 FBX version to the settings. The default is still 2016, as per UE4 documentation recommendations.

Version 2.1;
- Exporting static meshes now excludes bone geometry.
- Added 2016 FBX version to the settings.
- Scene must exist as a file before exporting is allowed.
- Blendshapes from the Morpher modifier are now exported.

Version 2.0;
- The maxfiles selection rollout will now close if the main UI is closed.
- Static meshes and their collisions can now be grouped or linked in the scene and the script will handle it.

Version 1.9;
- Added a new option for exporting static meshes to a single FBX file. The output name will be the maxfile name plus the prefix "StaticMeshes_".
- Changed code for exporting files to use a common function where possible for static and skeletal methods.
- The scene will now fetch correctly on new exports if previously the skin mesh rollout was closed using the X button.
- Adjusted listener output for all functions to include the process completion time.
- Added a reset interface settings "x" button next to the Settings "gear icon" button.

Version 1.8;
- Changed the unhide/unfreeze commands to use the doLayer method which avoids the layer warning dialogs.

Version 1.7;
- When exporting skeletal animation where there are multiple hierarchies containing skin meshes and nothing is selected, a dialog will now appear (instead of an error message) to enable a skin mesh to be picked from a list of names. The skeletal export process is then re-run using that selection.

Version 1.6;
- Contact email changed.

Version 1.5;
- After batch exporting animations the initally opened scene will be reloaded or the scene reset if none was open once processing is complete. This makes it non-destructive to the last opened scene due to export processes.

Version 1.4;
- Fixed a bug with the previous release where exporting a skeletal mesh (non-animation) would use the output animation name if one was entered.

Version 1.3;
- Added the ability to select from a dropdown list an existing selection set containing static meshes. This function will override the default behaviour of using the current selection, or whole scene export. This means you can have frozen or hidden static meshes or other geometry in the scene, but the exporter will only use what is in the selection set.

- Added an editbox to allow you to specify an animation name for output. Leaving it blank will use the maxfile name as the sequence name (default behaviour). Time tags will override this function, unless Ignore is used. This is useful in cases where you have multiple animation rigs in a scene and want to export using animation names that are not the maxfile name.

Version 1.2;
- Current scene exporting (static or skeletal) will now hold the scene before unfreezing all objects, perform the operation then fetch the scene to effectively restore it. This makes it non-destructive to the open scene.

Version 1.1;
- Found a bug where 3ds Max 2015 will not select frozen objects. The script will now unfreeze everything prior to selecting relevant objects for all operations.

Version 1.0;
- First release.


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The script can be found in category “LB Tools”.


Drag the MZP file into your Max viewport.

Files will be copied to...


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3dsmax 2008-2018
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Such a plug-in is really good. Try first.

My scripts: www.scriptsays.com

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