FastIDPass 1.0 - Released for free!

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Francesco Paduano

FastIDPass is a free Autodesk 3ds Max script that manage easy and fast way the render passes: object id and ambient occlusion. It allows to manage the object mask IDs into two different modes: the first one is based on the 3 RGB channels, while the second mode allows the use of user custom colors with a random colors function which generates unique colors in the scene, so different objects will never have the same color. Override Ambient Occlusion, when toggled, generates ambient occlusion for all the scene with optimized settings which allow faster render. Settings are automatically optimized according to the used renderer (Scanline, Mental Ray, Vray).

- RGB color masking
- Random color between R-G-B colors
- Custom color masking
- Random Unique custom colors
- Antialiasing toggle
- Gamma LUT correction
- Override Ambient Occlusion
- Compatible with Scanline, Mentalray, Vray

FastIDPass 1.0 supports the following Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® versions for windows:
• 3ds Max2009 x86/x64
• 3ds Max2010 x86/x64
• 3ds Max2011 x86/x64
• 3ds Max2012 x86/x64
• 3ds Max2013 x86/x64
• 3ds Max2014 x64
• 3ds Max2015 x64

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