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1.0 Beta
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Mattias Van Camp

very early alpha of a script that I've been working on for a while, that will be used to literally "Paint" flow maps to be used in realtime game shaders.

the map is to be used in the shader as offset for the time value of the factor that is animating your textures, whether it is a panner node or an up-vector-based algorithm.

the how to use .txt file is included in the download.


big update this time: optimized a lot of the code, and improved the UI's user-friendliness a lot. Big part of the update this time is that the script now should support a realtime preview on all available resolutions, though performance does decrease the higher the map's resolution. try it out :)

also updated the how to text file, so please read before using!


.mzp file you just have to drag into your viewport to install the script

proper functionality for every brush mode -- mostly achieved

Please test, and put your results here:


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tested in max 12 - 64 bit
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fmc.rar45.78 KB


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it's most likely the script is incompatible with 3ds max 2015, since it was compiled using the SDK for max 2012. Unfortunately that's not something I can fix, since I'd need the SDK compiler for 2015 for that. Otherwise, it should work on max 12 64 bit just fine. Thanks for using!

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Problem on install

Hi Matthias,
I'd like to try your flow map painter but I can't get it installed correctly on 3dstudio max 2015. Even though I place the fmc.gup in the location you specified:
program files/autodesk/<3ds max version>/plugins/
It gives an error on loading max:
DLL failed to initialize. Error code 127 - the specified procedure could not be found.
Any idea what the problem could be?

Can it run on a 64bit system/64bit max?

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Good work man... I will test

Good work man... I will test and send a feedback...

3d Artist  

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actually there is, with the

actually there is, with the right shader: if you create a shader file (.fx format usually) with a shader creation program, you can create your own "flow map shader" that makes use of the flow map generated by my script.
it won't animate without moving the timeline, and it will only work using directX shaders, which don't render, so there's a down side. I have no idea if it is possible to create a material in max that uses flow maps and that can be rendered, but you're more than welcome to try :)

if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask

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Is there any way to implement

Is there any way to implement the use of Flow Maps in 3ds Max?
It would be extremely helpful!

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I can only say ...

I can only say ... Impressive!!!

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