Fracture Voronoi

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This script breaks any mesh while preserving its volume.

Additional Info: 

v1.0: The object is broken in a number of chunks equal to 'Nb Parts' to the power of 'Iterations', using Voronoi cells. The final number appears on the 'Break' button.
The creation process is visible in the viewport.
For a similar result, it is faster to use several iterations with a small number of parts than creating all the parts in one iteration.
Note that the original object is just hidden, not deleted.

v1.1: In this version, the code has been improved and runs much faster. But there is no viewport feedback any more.
- the outer faces keep their original material IDs and the new faces are assigned a unique ID. The value that appears by default is the highest ID in use (by the original object) + 1.
- mapping coordinates (if any) are preserved and somehow 'projected' onto the new faces.
- an extra planar mapping is applied to all the pieces at once and set on its own channel, typically for use with 3D procedural maps, so the pattern flows continuously from piece to piece but sticks to them when they are moved apart.
- when using several iterations, it is possible to keep the intermediate generations of parts.
- when linked, each part is parented to the one it is derived from.
- generations are set on their own layers, which are hidden except for the last one.

Enjoy :)

FractureVoronoi_v1.1.ms10.85 KB
FractureVoronoi_v1.0.ms4.67 KB


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vorks fine on 2015 - now this

works fine on 2015 - now this is what I realised so far, there are at least 5 more great free scripts or plugins that I constantly add to every version of max - like this one - max doesn't offer anything similar to this one - and it offers voronoi geometry generation

- it's like, why don't they just pay you 0.01% of their revenue and buy you plugin and pay the support off of you guys, you would be much happier, and max customers would be even more happier not needing to update - or for newbies, even more fetures

- I guess the corporations are really really slow, and this is how it works - after 20 or so versions max finally got out an outliner that c4d, modo and almost any other package has.. and it's one of the most expensive softwares out there - and still you cannot open more than one file inside of it - like in any other software package - and not to mention the start up times - the longest of any software package, ever - and bugs that go back to version 4

- and the fact they mentioned that "look see we have new features, we're not gonna shut it down" looks just like they want to shut it down in a few more versions - and who is going to decide that - a manager that just needs to keep percentages up year after year, not the same earnings, more earnings, he gets payed just for that, if he doesn't do it, someone else will

- if more money comes out of Maya - they will switch to just Maya - there is no logical reason for them to keep a software that earns less, like with softimage, doesn't matter what the community thinks or feels, any corporation does this - it turns into a headless monster, their products are not for humans, the products are for reproducing more moneyz

.. anyway, here's one rant

- and a great intuitive plugin you have there just keep it updatin :)

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Hey mariss.

Use VoroFrag instead. It's way better and faster.

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Flat Objects

I have been using 3D max in school and I am currently using Fracture Voronoi and massfx in a project. My project is a blender that blends up different types of fruit when they are dropped in. Everything has gone well so far except Voronoi will only break up my blueberries which are spheres. When I apply it to my apples, strawberries and raspberries, it gives me a bit of trouble. The apples, strawberries and raspberries are organic shapes because I had to move vertices to create the look. Voronoi causes the apples to go flat and the other to berries to shrink.

Would anyone be able to help me fix this?

Thank you,

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How to install the script in 3ds max

I couldn't find either any information about installation of the fracture voronoi script. I installed it as follows: opened my 3ds max, chose MAXScrip Menu and New Scrip there. I copies and pasted all the script text there and saved it in \Programm Files\Autodesk\3ds max**\Scripts as Closed "New Script" window. To run the script I chose MAXScript menu, clicked "Run Script" and chose the saved file. Hope, my experience can be of any use to somebody. Good luck!

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how do I download the file?

how do I download the file?
This page appearing when I click on this file.

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why I can not take Voronoi

why I can not take Voronoi Fracture. . . whether due to my ignorance. . . Can you help

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Thanks for Script

Very useful script! Thanks for sharing.

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Not really.

What it could use though is a faster algorithm. Right now it's about the worst possible way of doing it.
And the code is damn uggly.
One day I'd like to try something like the DeWall algorithm. One day...

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