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Slice and Dice

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View Slicer

32 votes

Able to draw a spline over the current view angle to use as a slicer for a selected object.

Fracture Voronoi

292 votes

This script breaks any mesh while preserving its volume.


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I made this tool to help me quickly crack up an object while maintaining material ids and uvs for the outside surface and inner fractures. it simply creates a series of planes with noise and probooleans them from the object. works pretty well, though i did add a backup button for incase a bad boolean operation happens.

Limitations include: this tool only works on one piece of geometry at a time.


7 votes

This tool is for adding details for your fractured model's internal faces , cracks and so on. It offers a built in solution for doing so without the need of external plugins by using 3ds max default modifiers in a clever and systematic way.

Cubic Shatter

3 votes


Hello everybody,

here is a new script from me. It shatter objects in square cubes and non square cubes.



I hope you like it!


Please let me know, when you found errors.


Mirror Shatter

2 votes

Shatters objects into specified amount of segments, aswell as radial segments.

The amount of segments, the center of the shattering, the amount of radial segments, bias towards/away from center, angle, and secondary angle (for radial segments and segments) can all be changed, and almost all of them also can be randomized (all randomization(apart from center) is a percentage, and constrained, however it is still possible to create overlapping pieces and/or incorrectly shatter).


Voronoi Cells

26 votes

Simple script that divides a box (bounding volume) in the specified number of Voronoi cells.

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