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Alpha Stage over, Commercial and Time-Trial will come shortly

The Frowser is a project i've been developing for private use originally but with version 2 and the addition of new features i decidet to release it as freeware. On the left side of the UI you can see a dotNet Treeview used for the directory browser, it lists all HDDs of the PC under the Drives node and allows for fully functional browsing (its not using deepSearches but increments deeper into the structure as you expand/select nodes), you can also add/remove Favorite folders to/from the Treeview from the rightClick-menu, the same goes for Favorite Files.

On the right side you see a dotNet listview displaying the files contained in the currently selected directory. When you rightClick a file an allways new and custom rightClick-menu is created wich includes windows-level file operations as well as max-level ones. MaxFiles for example you can Merge into the current scene, Load in the currently opened instance of max, Open in a new instance of max, ect. BitMaps you can view in Max, Copy to Clipboard, View in their Default App, Assign to a chosen slot of the material currently selected in the material editor and more. MaxScript files you can Run, Edit, Encrypt, ect and of course all max files supported by max import plugins can be imported froim the rightclick menues. The thumbnails in the listview are possible thanks to lonerobot

Every supported fileType has a custom rightclickMenu depending on the type and what you can do with it. For the first example its a maxscript file wich you can run, edit or encrypt.

Additional Info: 

This release is not yet finished in terms of overal functionality but stable and ready for larger scale testing, so feel free to leave feedback and crits in the comments section. If you have ideas for future features, those are welcome too.

**update history

  • fixed the part where it would sometimes ignore folders starting with certain characters
  • windows doesnt have to be on C:\ anymore
  • better navigation added (can be navigated with keyboard too now)


  • added onlineBrowser
  • fixed some small bugs


  • changed visual appreareance
  • streamlined UI creation code
  • added file copy/move handlers
  • slightly changed resize behavior for mini-UI


  • updated copy/move & paste functionality
  • added import of maxFiles as xRef Objects and scenes
  • added direct bitmap2material assignment for object selection

supported fileTypes:

  • .max
  • .bmp .jpg .gif .png .tga .tif .dds .psd .hdr .cin .cws .exr .fxr .pic .ifl .jpe .jpeg .rgb .rgba .sgi .int .inta .bw .rla .rpf .vda .icb .vst .yuv
  • .fbx .3ds .dwg .obj .dae .prj .ai .dem .xml .ddf .dxf .flt .htr .ige .igs .iges .ipt .wire .iam .ls .vw .lp .sat .shp .skp .stl .trc .xml ...
  • .ms .mse

now most importantly, get to your files, fast

Version Requirement: 
2008 and higher
Other Software Required: 
dotNet runtime env. 2.0.5


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zahid hasan's picture

where is the link. please

where is the link. please upload

Graph's picture

in the works

at the moment i'm working on a complete overhaul for the whole thing and a commercial and non commercial version.
here a little teaser of the current UI to get you over the waiting time..

Raphael Steves

abbraxx's picture

Looks great.

Thank you. This was what I was looking for, however I can not find any download link?

W DIGITAL's picture

WOW, best project management

best project management script ever made!

the efficiency it helps to increase is amazing

+10 points!

Graph's picture

from a selected maxFile?i

from a selected maxFile?
i know i can at least get their names and display those not sure about other info

if you mean for the currently opened scene then thats not rlly the point. something like outliner would be what your looking for then

edit: you meant nodes, objects right?

Raphael Steves

Graph's picture

thx :) ive uploaded version

thx :)
ive uploaded version 0.5, the changes made you can find in the update history further up in this thread.
-next my toDo list is to integrate the online tools browser into the main UI and rework some of the download code as it seems you cant launch stuff from my srv in max 2010
-after that its on to looking into the integration of import functionality for material libraries from file and maxFiles into the current scene
after that i dont have anything planned yet so feel free to request

Raphael Steves

crystal3d's picture

his "right click on selected

his "right click on selected image, load it xx mat's diffuse slot" feature is very clever , is not it? :D

Nysuatro's picture

Amazing. Will try it out

Amazing. Will try it out soon.

Graph's picture

oh cant believe i didnt think

oh cant believe i didnt think of adding that >.<
thx :)

Raphael Steves

Kstudio's picture

Maybe you need to load Dotnet

Maybe you need to load Dotnet Library
For example:
if dotNet.getType "System.Windows.Forms.Form" == undefined do dotnet.loadassembly "System.Windows.Forms"

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