FumeFX RGB Light Rig

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Michael Stark

Since there is no way to export a Normals pass from FumeFX for re-lighting in comp, I set this up to set your Red, Green, and Blue lights to fake an RGB pass. It's pretty straight forward.

FumeFX RGB Light Rig


  • Added a Link and Unlink button so that you can attach it to the Fume Grid
  • Fixed a problem with the grid moving to the Fume Grid.
  • Fixed lights getting messed up when playing with controller distance
  • Colored the lights' wirecolor to match the light color. I got the idea from Joe Gunn
  • When you select the FumeGrid, it will go to the position of the grid wherever it is in the scene. Before it would just go to the origin.
  • Added a button to move the rig to the selected grid.
  • Added notifications in the Listener after adding, removing, lights and re-aligning the grid.
  • Click "Build FumeFX Light Rig" to setup the rig. It creates the lights that are parented to a master dummy that you can move around.
  • Add and Remove the rig lights to Fume. Just make sure the container you want the lights added.
  • Control over the lights' individual on/off state and light multiplier.
  • Distance Controller globally controls the distance of the light's from the center.
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FumeFX RGB Light Rig v1.25.58 KB
FumeFX RGB Light Rig v1.14.98 KB
FumeFX RGB Light Rig v1.03.68 KB


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Bruno_G's picture

Max 2016 version

Hey man, good job on this one!

Do you have a version that works on Max 2016?

Pleaaaaaase :)

Its not working on this version now, poping lots of script errors when trying to do pretty much anything.

Please let me know

Thanks man!

madail's picture

Still very buggy on 2014

Hi there Stark,

I've seen the vids on this and its great work, but sadly its very buggy in max 2014, errors everywhere. Tried with empty scene and pratically all buttons produces errors.. Would love to use it really!

mstarktv's picture

Thanks for the feedback! I

Thanks for the feedback! I actually just noticed that I uploaded the wrong version. I'm going to replace it ASAP. Again, Thanks :D!


Augusto Lombardi's picture

well done!

thanks for this simple and handful tool
i'm sure that a lot of artists will appreciate it

good job man!

p.s. it look unstable under max2012...on lights creation it gives a maxscript error and doesn't complete the process

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