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This script lets you perform various texture map batch operations and batch import and map various game object formats. You can batch populate and rename the filepaths for different map slots ( as well as set other common properties ). If you have many bitmaps named according to a naming convention, you can quickly populate the appropriate maps accordingly.

At the current moment, there is no help documentation.

Simply run the script from the maxscript menu.

Works with Standard and Multimaterial

Best Regards joqqy

Additional Info: 

More info here

Major update to the Source Engine .vmt parser. The parser now analyses more shader variables and shapes the max shader accordingly if possible.
Added XNA-Lara / XPS batch import
Added Demon's Souls batch import
Minor bug fixes 

Log File update

Improved automatic mapping for Source Engine assets

Integration with Asset Explorer 

Added option to manage the gameslist from within the script 

Added Garrysmod *.gma extract
FBX bones import fix 

Bugfix added to network path mesh database writing 

Fix added to auto texturing multimaterial on unreal models. If for some reason the matfile was missing in any of the submaterials, it will now be detected despite that.

Added a thumb preview list for models that have a rendered preview.

Game archive list added. You can now add and remove game archives for easy access to your catalogs and organise it all from within the script. 

Database reader optimized 

Added a database explorer and batch importer for various mesh formats (see the dropdownlist for the additions). You can now import and map all objects from the database, no need to import and map each object separately, if the format is supported, just press once and have all objects mapped and exported automatically. Additionally there are several minor bugfixes. 

New in 0.1 (October 16 ‎2013): Alpha texture preview, Render UV template preview, Preset option to apply and import textures, texture dropdownlist, shader control, mat id viewport highlight, clone material, get current material, normal, bump, specular, opacity and gloss control.

New in 0.1 (August 19 ‎2013): Texture cycle toolset extended with a more intuitive workflow to control the texture operations

New in 0.1 (August 6 ‎2013): Name and Version change. Added a Ninja Ripper map tool





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2012 or higher
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joqqy's picture

New version

Hi gdodo,

Sorry, there was a spelling error in the latest compile.

I have uploaded a new version. It should be corrected.

gdodo's picture

Missing mse

Hi Joggy!
It looks very useful! I have a problem running the script on Max 2014:

-- Compile error: Can't find include file: $scripts/GameModelTools/include/Cabelas_BigGameHunter_2012_PS3_tex.mse <<

I couldn´t find this file anywhere: Cabelas_BigGameHunter_2012_PS3_tex.mse

Am I missing something?

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