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Colin Senner

This script easily gets the material(s) and loads them into the material editor.

With multiple objects selected it will load them all into the editor.

I suggest keybinding this to CTRL-SHIFT-G for speeding up your workflow instead of using a toolbar icon!

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1. Run script

2. In Max goto "Customize->Customize User Interface...->Keyboard tab->Category: ColinScripts->GetSelectedMaterial", click the "Hotkey" field and press CTRL-SHIFT-G. Press Save at the bottom.

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GetSelectedMaterial.ms835 bytes


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colinsenner's picture

yep...still haven't updated

yep...still haven't updated it.

colinsenner's picture

I have always liked the

I have always liked the mushroom. most users don't have any icon, and my icon is just me from 4 years ago...maybe I should update it. I think I will.

brittnell's picture

Yeah, sorry about that! 

Yeah, sorry about that! 

One of our artists just made this stupendously awesome painting of my partners and I, and I'm just so excited about it that I'm plastering it everywhere I can.  

I think it does look a bit more like me than the old "electric mushroom" though...

colinsenner's picture

You changed your icon after

You changed your icon after like a year! Now I don't recognize you...I'll get on that soon.

brittnell's picture

Hey Colin, That addition to

Hey Colin,

That addition to the script works just right, thanks!

Also, glad the idea about the multi-subs helped.  Hopefully it won't be too big a pain to implement.



colinsenner's picture

I prefer my no-interface

I prefer my no-interface approach. Since this is really a script that only saves you a few button clicks, it seems wasteful to go about clicking around and typing in an interface, since Max's interface allows this functionality already. Mine is just a streamlined approach to doing what I need to as fast as possible! Do you agree?


Jordan Walsh's picture

I hate to post about a

I hate to post about a similar script i wrote but this one will do a similar thing and clear the medit for you too:

colinsenner's picture

Great idea with the

Great idea with the multisubs. I can implement something just like that soon. Honestly I couldn't think of anything to do with them, but your idea is great!

brittnell's picture

Heh heh... No, it's not that

Heh heh... No, it's not that something's wrong per-se, more that I see it as an inspiring jumping-off point ("ooooh... wouldn't it be cool if").

Though now that I think about it, I suppose that can be kind of irritating. Embarassed

Thanks for the tip for adding that in, I'll give it a shot in the morning.  

Also, sorry to hear your colleagues are "doing it wrong".  Wink

I did grab your other recent script, and gave it a quick go.  Seems to do what it says just right, and will surely come in handy.  That said, I did catch the question about multi-materials, and it's a good one...  Is there any way to put a "stop" in with a check-mark or buttoned pop-up that would have the (hopefully named) slots available for selection (and subsequent forwarding to PS)?  Seems kind of nightmarish.

Thanks again for all your cool scripts, they really do get a lot of use over here!

I owe you a beer some day at the very least!



colinsenner's picture

Britt! Good to hear from

Britt! Good to hear from you. I feel like we only talk when something is wrong ;). I originally wrote the script that way because that's how I like to work too. However, my colleagues didn't like this change so I kept it like it is now.

You can add that functionality back in very easily!

on the 7th line in between both "for"'s add this: "Medit Tools" "clear_medit_slots"

and on the 5th line that reads:

     local curSlot = activeMeditSlot

change it to

    local curSlot = 1

Also check out my new PhotoshopSelectedMaterial script!  I think you'll like it.


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