ghostTown Lite

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0.251 Beta


ghostTown 0.21 Lite Beta for 3ds Max 2011

A city generator and tool for creating urban environments.

  • Lopoly or highpoly buildings
  • Roadtool for making basic road layouts
  • Easy material system, add your textures and they will be randomly distributed
  • Add details were needed with basic scripts for facades etc


   Custom scripting and support for openstreetmap coming soon

   Works with 3ds max 2011 only

   Check it out!

Additional Info: 

New version GT 0.251

- Added customscript option
- Checking for update is disabled by default,
turn it on/off in the menu
- Undocking works (must be done via the menu)
- Fullscreen doesn't affect the ribbon
- Import objects as proxies (vray, mr coming)
- Improved alot of stuff

Should work with max 2012 x64

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011
Video URL: 


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k2000's picture

Amazing tool !!! Watched your

Amazing tool !!!
Watched your short video, tried to do something similar like in the second half of the video - but absolutely no luck after 2 hrs time spent.
Is there any manual or step-by-step tutorial for that. Would be great to have one.


adibh31's picture

3d max2009

please 1 for max2009 64bit

jamuti's picture

Advanced tutorial

It's amazing no doubt.
But it's also very difficult to understand, and the basic tutorials you've done later doesn't show us the true power of this great tool.

If you can explain in details how and what you did exactly from 01:36 in the upper video, it would be so much appreciated.

kilad's picture

maybe 2008+ when i'm finished

maybe 2008+ when i'm finished with this version.
A total rewrite is sorely needed.

fajar's picture

+1 one for 3dsmax 9

+1 one for 3dsmax 9

ikillaman's picture

3D max 9

I love to have one for 3ds max 9?

waydorr's picture

System units

Script is fine but messes system unit. I have a scene with system units in 'inches' so when i try to build towns the buildings in the town is way too big for the scene

kilad's picture

Glad you like it. Maybe i can

Glad you like it. Maybe i can quit my dayjob soon? ;P

marcusw's picture

Cancel my subsription to CityEngine

This is hot. Took a while to get working with the pesky Windows 7 permissions, but now I have it working it is fantastic.

All the tools are hammers, except for screwdrivers, which are chisels

kilad's picture

no, 2010+ only

no, 2010+ only

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