ghostTown Lite

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0.251 Beta


ghostTown 0.21 Lite Beta for 3ds Max 2011

A city generator and tool for creating urban environments.

  • Lopoly or highpoly buildings
  • Roadtool for making basic road layouts
  • Easy material system, add your textures and they will be randomly distributed
  • Add details were needed with basic scripts for facades etc


   Custom scripting and support for openstreetmap coming soon

   Works with 3ds max 2011 only

   Check it out!

Additional Info: 

New version GT 0.251

- Added customscript option
- Checking for update is disabled by default,
turn it on/off in the menu
- Undocking works (must be done via the menu)
- Fullscreen doesn't affect the ribbon
- Import objects as proxies (vray, mr coming)
- Improved alot of stuff

Should work with max 2012 x64

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011
Video URL: 


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oriental's picture

Thank you

Thank you Kalid for your reply
but I can not find Show guide ( did you mean show build??|)
and sometimes , when I clic setup the spline or geometry disappears completely or it changes ( for exemple rectangle become triangle!!!)

kilad's picture

Press "Show Guide" button to

Press "Show Guide" button to visualize minimum area.
Select spline or geometry -> press Setup -> press build

oriental's picture


Thank you very much
But when I clic on Build I get runtime Error Mesh operation on non-mesh:plan
someone help me

kilad's picture
asymptote's picture

Great script...but your

Great script...but your download link just led me to a forum registration and 10 minutes of mindless clicking.
I interpreted "It's ready for download go get it" as it's ready for download, which it doesn't seem to be.....or is it ?

appocal's picture

Hey KilaD!

This looks like a sweet plugin that might come in handy with come of the accident recreations i do and I was hoping to try out the script but couldn't find any download link. . . .AM i just missing it?

kilad's picture

just try it out, i've only

just try it out, i've only tested it on 2011, but it may work fine on 2010

paranoidx's picture

3DSMAX 2010 is needed

Great work,

I 'd like to purchase a version but unfortunately i am using 3dsmax 2010 64 here and seem there is no plan to update 2k11 until everything stable. Change to 2k11 so soon a bit too risky.

Hope you guys have another version for 3dsmax 2k10 64 soon.

Best regards,
Creative & Architectural Visualization

kilad's picture

it's now available for

it's now available for download. Go get it!

Ashutosh's picture

cool pluggin

But why not for 3dsmax 2010 64bit Cool

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