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Here is another script for the community.

I was looking for a good camera shake - handheld generator for 3ds max. Couldn't find any. So I decided to write a script to make that happen. ( Didn't we all? :))

Handheld Desmonstration


What this script does is pretty straight forward: Make the hand held effect. You can also make camera shake effect for earthquake scene, or for strong impact scene. 

This script can handle both Vray camera and Normal camera, both with target or without target.

It support undo, and to delete all keyframe of the selected camera.

You can also animate the camera first, then apply the shake in a time range within. Or you can use animation layer to animate the camera after the shake.



  • Pick the camera - support Free & target Normal camera, Free & target Vray Physical Camera. Sorry no Vray Dome Camera, as I figured noone will use dome camera for shaking... :)
  • Set the shaking time
  • Set keyframe distance - which will determine the speed of the shake, which will differentiate handheld and shake.
  • Set the position of the camera - how much it will offset from its current position.
  • Set the position of the target - as above, will be grey-out if the camera doesn't have target.
  • Set the roll angle - determine how much tilted the camera will be.
  • If you want to make the shake on a new animation layer, leave it checked. If you want to key directly to the camera, uncheck it. With animation layer, as titane357 suggested, you can set the weight to make the effect stronger or lesser, and can easily delete layer to come back the previous animation. Thanks titane357.
  • Shake!! - to shake.
  • Remove ALL key - please remember: ALL KEY from the camera. I originally want to just remove keys within the time range. Turn out harder than I thought. Please if anyone has the solution, give me a line.

It currently doesn't support camera animated by path constraint. For that, please use path constraint on a dummy, then link the camera to the dummy, then this script.!

Anyone who has any idea to improve the script, please drop me a line. Also let me know how do you think about the script.

Tested on 3ds max 2012.


Ver 1.2: Change the numbers from interger to float --> enable to make smaller changes to the coordinates. (Thanks to Johnny Vex)

Ver 1.1a:

  • Fix it so that only cameras can be picked.
  • Camera variable from Global to Local
  • Added message Box if you didn't choose the camera, and prevent the script get broken.
  • Change the name of the newly created animation layers to describe it better.

Ver 1.1: Added a checkbox to make the shake on an Animation layer. titane357's Idea.

For usability, I decided to make only 1 layer, instead of adding layers, and I don't add a delete layer button, as it might mess up user's data. So please manage the layers by max's toolbar.



Hoang Ha

Version Requirement: 
It might be able to run on most of max.
hoha_camerahandheld_v1.2.ms5.41 KB
hoha_camerahandheld_v1.1a.ms5.41 KB
hoha_camerahandheld_v1.1.ms5.1 KB
hoha_camerahandheld_v1.ms4.62 KB


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stevesideas's picture

Update for 3dsmax 2020 ?

Any chance of doing an update for the latest version of max ?

Ignore this. It just throws an error if you have the "shake on a new animation layer" on. Turning it off and it works fine.

dvdufo's picture

Please add support to ...

Hi, Thank you for this really cool script.
It would be even better if you add support to new Physical Camera of Max and also a preset section that have some presets inside for different conditions and user could also save and load his own presets to & from disk.
Thanks again.

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Great script! Usually I have to bring in a camera solve from matchmoving software which takes some time, but this script eases that process.

superhoha's picture

Thanks for test :) Glad it

Thanks for test :) Glad it help

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A Big Thanks

Great work..........

working proper in max 2012

Thanks Again

superhoha's picture

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

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Great script, thank you

br0t's picture

This looks quite convincing,

This looks quite convincing, nice!

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

superhoha's picture

Done with the layers that you

Done with the layers that you advised :)

superhoha's picture


Thank you.

That is good advice. I think I can implement that tomorrow.

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