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Ian Adams

IA_Utilities_Wire-consists of 4 maps that can be plugged into any shader network, for wiring numeric, boolean, and RGB color values.IA_Utilities_Instance-consists of 4 maps that also can be plugged into any shader network, for containing multiple instanced texture-maps. Each map has user labels within it, to label the use of each instance or wire.

Some uses for this are-

-Controlling parameters of complex shaders, or deeply nested materials, within one map, such as diffuse color, noise size, shader modes, etc.

-Holding maps in slots that can be instanced for quick editing.

-Controlling different modifers on your model, all within one map.

-Wire parameters to controll lights, like a simplified light lister, but within the material editor

Version 1.1 update- IA_Utilities_Wire maps now have both RGB and RGBA color swatches now, for point4 color wiring.

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 6.0x
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IA_Utilities_Ver1.1.ms39.23 KB


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Sounds good. I'm using Max

Sounds good. I'm using Max 2008 as well.

Just curious, the MR plugin you're using wouldn't happen to be David Lanier's shaders would it (http://dl3d.free.fr/download_shaders.php)?

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Cool, glad you like it:) I

Cool, glad you like it:) I am new to max script, and mainly my knowledge f it is in materials/maps, and a little in rigging, but I love MR and I love making shaders for it. but most materials I have are either unfinished, or utilize a downloaded MR plugin, so I will make a max scene that will only require my script, that shows examples of how my script can be used, with that said, let me know what version of max you use, this script was made with max 2008.

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Cool!  I'm definitely going

Cool!  I'm definitely going to have to "play around" a bit with these.  The wiring one is already looking to have some nifty functionality.

That said, you wouldn't happen to have a "complex MR shader" built around these maps you'd care to share as a "proof of concept" would you?  It'd probably go a long way toward illustrating the power behind the idea.

Thanks again.

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Thanks for the reply! These

Thanks for the reply! These maps aren't meant for rendering directly, they are mainly used for wiring parameters to control your shader or material. I will mainly use them for controlling complex MR shaders without having to go and find and change specific things in that shader. This is also good for having other people use your shaders, so they can use them more easily. Another solution that you can solve is by using these maps with the Material to Shader map, and wiring specific parameters with the material, since you cant edit the material directly within that map. Unfortunately, mental ray will only let you render scripted materials, not scripted maps.:( But since these maps are only for wiring, or containing maps(like a map clipboard) it really dosnt matter, you can just ignore the MR messages:)

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Thanks for the script. It

Thanks for the script. It sounds interesting, but I think I need a bit of guidance in how it might actually be utilized...

Also, you mention "any shader network", however my first tests rendering with Mental Ray give an error that the "map is not supported by Mental Ray".

Sorry in advance if I'm being a bit dense (I'm admittedly conducting these current tests under the influence of some very hoppy beverage).


 <edit> I see now that the wire parameters work even though the error dialog opens under MR... Cool!  Still trying to figure out usage for the instance one.

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