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BOA Dist

3 votes

Quick Object Distribution tool for 3ds max.

Developed to be a simple alternative to object distribution plugins.

Ideal for low count instance distribution.

BOA Dist Distribution Modes

More information on: www.boxofapps.com/boadist *Alpha and Beta versions are Free to use on commercial projects.

Instance Identical Geometry

49 votes

Find identical objects (to chosen one) and instance them.

Instance Identical Geometry

What's new in version 2.0 :

  • process multiple (selected) objects at once
  • rollout (with pick button) removed
  • the script rewritten as macros


13 votes

IA_Utilities_Wire-consists of 4 maps that can be plugged into any shader network, for wiring numeric, boolean, and RGB color values.IA_Utilities_Instance-consists of 4 maps that also can be plugged into any shader network, for containing multiple instanced texture-maps. Each map has user labels within it, to label the use of each instance or wire.

Some uses for this are-

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