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Ivan Tepavicharov

For people who work often with Objects ID, this script may make it easier. It allows you to see which objects have ID, to select objects by ID, assign a ID and all this without entering in properties of the objects.

Version: 2.34

  • Add "Assign ID by Layers" button
  • Add Option to Assign Wirecolor by ID
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Category "IllusionBoxStudio"


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Alpha Opacity's picture

Working But not showing Viewport-ID 2020

Hi there,

Managed to get it working by installing it manually. But unfortunately "Show ID Viewport" Doesn't work anymore.

Would be nice if you find the time to update this super handy script. If i could buy an updated version i would.


Bluby's picture

Nice script!

It is a very helpfully script and i think it will be perfect if you could add a function to create corona masks from layers with the layer name, not just with the id name.

Vic Shx's picture

Not working

This doesn't seem to work at all in recent 3ds Max versions
By the way it is simply a macro script and that needs to be copied to the Macroscripts folder from Max. You can use the exe to extract it to any temp folder and copy it manually.
The menu will appear but does nothing.

akshobya's picture

Thank you

This is one of best script ever


rv_el's picture

I would like this tool but I

I would like this tool but I do not understand why it is an executable. When I run it it claims I have Max 2015 for installation (which I do not).

asymptote's picture

Fantastic script. I can't

Fantastic script.

I can't believe how over convoluted AD made the ID process, and how easy your tool makes it.

dub73's picture

perfect !!

great script, we are using it on every project to create our masks.

tomastnt's picture

Show ID in viewport?

Hi. How is it working? Coud you pleas add a screen of this feature? I have tried to push this button but nothing changed. In a scene there were few obeject with MTL and OBJ id.
thanks Thomas

Ivan Tepavicharov's picture

use 2012 installation...

use 2012 installation...

tomastnt's picture

Max 2010?

Hi, is it working for max 2010 x64? I have downloaded it and tried to install it. but no succes. In instalation wizard, there where just option for max 2012 and 2013 which we don't use.
Any help?

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