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This tool displays information inside 3ds max in real time. Feel free to suggest any additional options you would like to see in this tool. I’m open to expanding upon this tool and adding addition information to be displayed. It works as the user changes the scene and display options.
Feel free to play around with it and let me know your thoughts.
I’ll be going into the code here soon and cleaning up the redundant stuff.

The tool currently displays the following:
Poly Count
Object Name
Object ID
Object’s Parent Name
Displays visible line connection to Parent


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cool .. Thanks

cool .. Thanks

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Show connections between Instances / References?

Hi JokerMartini,

lovely little script you've written here. I was wondering whether it'd be possible to display relations between instances and references as well?

Haven't delved into that part of maxscript myself, however if this script is not being developed further right now, I might flex my puny scripting muscles myself in the next coupla months. You'd probably be helluva lot quicker though ;)

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Thank you JokerMartini

Thank you JokerMartini +1
Good job

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Great Idea.

Thats a good idea Tassel.
I'll add that in there. I'm also going to add the option to offset the information based on the bounding box.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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Hi JokerMartini, Thank you

Hi JokerMartini,

Thank you for this script.
I think layer name is a "nice to have" feature also. :)

--- Chopp Chopp ---
	gw.wtext pos color:(fnDisClr o)
--- END Chopp Chopp ---

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

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Great ideas. There is

Great ideas. There is definitely some room for optimization on this tool. I'll add the offsetting and improve performance on the next round or iterations.

Thanks for you comments and testing.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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Hey John Cool script and very

Hey John

Cool script and very usefull. Some notes:

+ Could you place the text info in the object's geometry bounding box center? Right now it's placed at pivot point, and if that is offseted, the text is misplaced.

- If you enable multiple parameters, they overlap.

- Poor performance when some of the options are enabled, especially "Poly Count".

I've tested the script on a 23 objects, 600k scene. My machine has a GTX460.


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