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MultiMatte Tamer

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This script makes it very easy to apply Object ID's and store the MultiMatte Render Elements.

Objects are selected within the grid table. If objects and layers in your scene are not recognized by its name this script will not be much use.

  • Add Button will add another additional numbered ID button.

IDs Finder

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With this script you can Find what kind of object and material IDs you have in your scene.

- the Buttons „to zero" reset all material and object IDs
- random object ID
- select the objects with one special ID

Script category: “#todorScripts”

You can see an example here, how to install my script per Drag and Drop:

Object ID Toolkit

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This tools makes it easier for users to manager Object ID’s for various assets in a scene. It also gives users the ability to quickly and easily generate render elements based on the ID’s used in their current scene.


G-Buffer ID SwitchBoard

21 votes

This script is intended to ease the workflow with G-Buffer ID's.
Exposing ID's ranging from 0-300 on a switchboard that gives you a visual feedback of which ID's are active in the scene. Also you can select objects by ID just by right clicking on the ID button. Enjoy :)

Vray Script for randomizing Object IDs and Material IDs

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This is a script we use at work. One of the guys modified a script for Mental Ray. It gives random Obj IDs and Mtl IDs to all objects and materials in your scene. Unfortunately as there are a max number of 16 material IDs, that is all you get. Remember to change 'output type' from 'Integer (no AA)' to 'Color (with AA)' to have an anti-aliased pass.

When you run this script you will have no notification or messages, but it will have worked. If you check material IDs and Object IDs you will find they have all changed.

Scene Explorer Filters

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Simple script which add two new filters to Scene Explorer. 

Matte - show if object is matted or not (V-Ray)

Object ID - show object id

If you have any idea for another filter just let me know :)

...to install put the sript to your startup script folder and then you will find them in Customize->Configure Collums in Scene Explorer


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Selects all objects in your scene with the Object ID specified. Filters out hidden objects.




Information Display

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This tool displays information inside 3ds max in real time. Feel free to suggest any additional options you would like to see in this tool. I’m open to expanding upon this tool and adding addition information to be displayed. It works as the user changes the scene and display options.
Feel free to play around with it and let me know your thoughts.
I’ll be going into the code here soon and cleaning up the redundant stuff.

The tool currently displays the following:
Poly Count
Object Name
Object ID
Object’s Parent Name
Displays visible line connection to Parent

Object ID Log

5 votes

The reason is that the 3dsmax no info tool or listener for object G-buffer ID and in complex scenes with assigned render effects, especially when merged scenes of the effects, occurs mess. Manual inspection of the properties of the objects one by one is not very comfortable.

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