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This Script Consists of 3 Small Scripts for Moving Objects Between Layers and The Fourth for Adding Toolbar Button.

Installing :

Drop the file to Max Viewport or Run it from Scripting Menu/Run Script - after Droping you can Find it in  .

- from Customize Menu/Custom User Interface /Toolbar/Category _Layer Tools_


- Drag the One with Icon to Any Toolbar .

How it Works :

LeftClick : (Add Selected to Current Layer) this one is Original with 3d Max but My Macros has the same icon so you can replace it with this one .

+Shift : Move (Selected Object) To (the Layer you Select from the List) .

+Control : Move (Selected Objects) To (Picked object Layer) .

+Alt : Move (All Objects of Selected Layers from the List) To (The Current Layer) + Deleting those Layers .

UPDATE v1.1 :

- if the Script not Working Properly Please Redownload it , it will Remove the Old Files and Copy New Ones .


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Add Layers List to Current Layer + Nasted Layers

- Extract and Replace this file with the old one (same name) .
- New Button "Move" will Create Nested Layers inside the Current Layer .
- "Move" Button Need Max2015+ to Work .

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i select a bunch of objects and

hit max's own create new layer, a new layer s created at the root of the layer i have to drag the newly created layer back to where it should be nested in and that is cumbersome as F. can this script also have an extra function where it does not delete the object's current layer and move the layer(along with the objects inside it) to the newly picked layer from the list?

that would solve this problem for me.

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but does not

move the object along with its layer into another layer, the sources layer gets deleted.

i needed a script that would move a layer into another layer practically.. back to draggging layers into layers by hand and waiting for the slow scroll

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yes it moves objects and

yes it moves objects and delete old Layers .

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it seems

tool does not intend to move a layer to a " (current) layer's nest. in my case, it just deleted the selected object's layer and move the objects to the current layer". i was expecting it moved objects along its layer nested in to the destination.

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thank you! works like a charm

thank you! works like a charm

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Yes of course i'll add Macros

Yes of course i'll add Macros for each one .
You can redownload the file to get the Macros .

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can separate layer options for assigning shortcuts for each script?

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Lock UI

you need to [lock UI Layout] for (Ctrl and Alt) shortcuts to work on toolbar buttons .
from customize menu on top , Check Lock UI Layout or press (Alt+0) to lock it (this is the default shortcut for locking the UI) .
- the installer doping error message i fixed this .

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Only the selection in the list works for me.

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