Material ID Condense

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What it does:
Condenses material ID's Based on the texture name or material name.

How to use it:
Under Utilities Tab, hit the MAXScript button
then push run script, locate CondenseMaterialIDs.mcr and hit open.
Now in the Utilities drop down, choose Condense material ID's.

Here you may choose to
condense it from the material name i use a script i found on Scriptspot called "" i cant seem to locate it again but it sets all material names to the Image names.

Condense by the diffuse texture name eg Image1.jpg

When you are ready just hit condense Material IDs and voila, your done
if you want to double check it worked, re colour pick your object.

Good luck

Version Requirement: 
Only Tested on max 2011, should work on all.
CondenseMaterialIDs.mcr3.01 KB


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Same error

here with 3ds Max 2016. Anyone got solution?

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Hi. I manage to run but I get an error:

type error:array index must be positive number, got:, got:0


index = (findItem materialIDList i)
mat = obj.material.materialList[index]

I'm selecting an editable poly with 120 submaterial on the multimaterial.

In max 2014

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Works with 2014

Thanks to all commentators!

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works great, can we get this

works great, can we get this also for working with diffuse color only?
I have a scene where I have multisubmaterials with about 300 id's half with this color the other have with another color.

how could I clean this quickly?

best regards

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PLEASE HELP! This script is what I exactly need in my workflow now, but I cannot find the name in Utilities after I run it in Max 2012 Design x64 or 2013 X64. What could possibly be wrong? Please fix it. This is a GREAT script by the way!

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This scripts is great, but it only works on EDITABLE POLYS

This threw me off for a while, because I thought the script had stopped working. It turns out that my objects were editable meshes.

Just remember that it only works reliably on editable poly models and editable poly objects.

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Works great

Works just fine in 3ds Max 2012, awesome work :D

Do need to follow the setup instructions exactly, it is a bit different from the usual way.

Just click one or several objects to select them, and easily eliminate the duplicate materials from their multisub materials, by texture name or name.

As a game developer, I have a lot of objects in my scenes, each with a different multisub object attached. It works perfectly, thank you very much!

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Cannot make it work in max

Cannot make it work in max 2009

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Do you know if anyone has had

Do you know if anyone has had success using this script with imported Inventor 2011 models?

I am getting duplicate material names even though all the parts are using the same material.

I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,


duplicate_materials_in_3ds_max_2011.png 57.64 KB

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