Mega 'Sweep'

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9 - 2016
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easy genarate & high detail.

Use 3dsmax 'Sweep' modifier.

Included Method is Over 200

In case of Dirt and stains [Richidirt]
In case of outer wall [WallBuilder]
In case of roof [ATiles]
In case of floor [FloorGenerator]
but, window frames? Furniture? Door? Ceiling? baseboard?

Welcome to "REDMARK"

one interior scene include many high detail objects.
high detail is basic. for ritch interior scene

please. Make good use of your times


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Script Link

Script Link Removed?

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sadly still corrupt


yeah sorry all-though the file location in my screenshot shows the temp location the 3ds max scenes still dont open once unzipped - ive tried to download again

thanks for getting in touch - please send me your email as I cant locate it...


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Mr dan. it was not seen a

Mr dan.

it was not seen a problem with the storage file on easypay
Please try to re-download the product file

you are referring to the temp folder directly?
Unzip on your desktop .
Please refer to it.

For further information please contact by e-mail
It is thought no excuse to have taken up your valuable time.

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Corrupt max files...

Heya, I purchased this but sadly all the max files in the downloaded zip seem corrupted and are un-openable - meaning when you add them to the sweep library, non work

As I purchased both 'mold extension' and 'door extension' I have some 400 corrupted max files.. weird

please advise


untitled-1.jpg 124.81 KB
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need to see models

is it possible to have a video about models inside your script


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If I understand correctly...

So this is not a script bur rather a library of shapes (over 200) to extend the sweep modifier? no script included.

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That Product is not include Scripts.
3dsMax SWEEP Extention.
Please feel useful product.

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Can we see the Script in action?

Your script seems very particular in his way of approaching the limitations of the current sweep modifier.
Before spending more than 20 dollars (blind), a little look at a 1 min video showing the basic functionnality of the script could help.

Keep up the good work! waiting for this video (even a gif...)

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