Mirror Shatter

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Shatters objects into specified amount of segments, aswell as radial segments.

The amount of segments, the center of the shattering, the amount of radial segments, bias towards/away from center, angle, and secondary angle (for radial segments and segments) can all be changed, and almost all of them also can be randomized (all randomization(apart from center) is a percentage, and constrained, however it is still possible to create overlapping pieces and/or incorrectly shatter).


To use, run the script.

If you have objects selected, it will take the first one as the one to shatter. if there are no objects select one with the top button.

If a choosen object is a cylinder, sphere, cone..etc (with no modifiers applied) you can choose to change the scripts parameters to fit with the choosen object (so if you choose a cylinder with 8 sides, the segments would be changed to 6).

Choose how many segments, the randomness (of the angles) and where the object is shattered around (also with randomness, in world units). You can also choose the rotation of the segments cuts, making them angled instead of straight up.

Choose how many radial segments, the bias towards/away from the center of shattering, and the randomness of this, the angle of the radial segments cuts, how random they are, and the rotation of the radial segments cuts, aswell as its randomness.

Press Shatter, and the progress bar does a few things:

1: Sets up objects for shattering (Color=red) (note, it complets the bar more then once)(note, unless you have a large amount of segments (100+) and/or radial segments (50+) this should hardly be noticeable)

2: Shatters objects (Color=red-green). It starts at red, and when it finishs it will have turned green.

Additional Info: 

When the object is shattered, all parts without any faces are deleted.

The higher the radial amount value is, the more it goes outwards, so using a high radial amount with a high bias amount may result in less radial segment then wanted.

Using 100% randomness for radial bias, angle, or secondary angle may resut in overlapping pieces...

I have restrained them so they do not have to much of a influence, but not enough to stop them ever going wrong, since that also stops them being useful...

The randomness option for center of shattering is in worldunits, not a percentage, so if you make it higher then the actual width/length of the object, you may have less segments then wanted.

You can undo the deletion of the original object (only if you untick retain object), by pressing the undo button. Creation of shattered parts is not undoable...


/!\ Warning, this script is not perfect. As stated before, if values are to high, or the object is oddly shaped, it may produce overlapping pieces, odd geometry...

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2013
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Mirror Shatter 1.0.ms21.94 KB


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Anothel cool idea for the script.Well done.


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