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Clipboard for modifiers.

!!! UPDATE !!!

Additional Info: 

At the request of his friends added some new features.

  •  Full list of features:
     1. Quickly rename modifiers.
     2. Right-click on the "Copy" cleared the corresponding slot.
     3. When adding new slots, the old are not cleared. <- New!
     4. When you close the script clipboard is not cleared. <- New!
     5. Clipboard is saved with the *. max file. When you open a script - the clipboard is restored. <- New!
     6. Startup data slots when opening the file. <- New!
     7. Reduced the size of the windows scripts to save space. <- New!
  •  Notes:
     1. To return to the native name of the modifier is sufficient to completely remove its current name and press ENTER. <- New!
     2. As the number of slots, the data are cleaned.
     3. Maximum number of slots 99 (more than enough). <- New
  • Install: Copy to folder \scripts\ecximer and run, or drag'n'drop in the viewport file "". Search in category: "ecXimer".


  • v0.4.1 - First release.
  • v0.5.6b - Added new features.
  • v0.5.7 - Added support for World-Space Modifier.
  • v0.6.0 - Added "Copy all modifiers in the Stack".
Version Requirement: 
tested in 3ds max 2008x64 and 3ds max 2012x64
ecximer_-_modifiersclipboard.rar15.28 KB


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Tomatico's picture

Ui Problem in max 2018

thank u for this amazing idea! really apperciate it !
max2018 have ui problem but script keys working , i write some dynamic ui script for myself and seems get rollup state changed in 2018! i get the same error when launch your script, hope that will help u update this asap

KiboOst's picture

check for valid modifier

copy an extrude mod in your tool, and paste it on spline that ever have an extrude : error message

you should put in your code :

if validModifier $ themod then
-your code-
modPanel.addModToSelection themod
-your code-

Anyway, as you have option to save datas in file, is using persistent globals safe ? What about future max versions etc ? Tested in max2014 ?

jsrocha's picture

window size

Hi Ecximer, how´s going?
hey man, i use this script a lot, i think it´s great. But i want to ask you if is possible to make the window resizable (or bigger), because i use to rename the modifiers, and the space to do this is a little small, so i think that can improve the script.
Thanks in advance,


Artie's picture

Could you, please, add a

Could you, please, add a feature to respect object volume after pasting a modifier so that its gizmo(if supported by mod type) automatically fits to the volume of each separate object.

trick's picture


... Selection Floater only has issues in CERTAIN circumstances !!!! So will have to figure out when exactly...will report when I do ;)

trick's picture

Cool script...

...but it loses a lot of its charm if the Selection Floater does not work anymore. You can click any object you want, the last object selected when opening the ModifierClipboard stays selected.

Pleaaaaase fix it ;)

(Max2011 Design 64bit)

G-Rom84's picture


Always wanted such handy thing!

Artie's picture

many thanks for the script

Wouldbe nice to have it keep custom names of the modifiers i copy and then paste them not, say, as Noise mod but having unique names.

ecXimer's picture

Hi jsrocha

Not only the first copy, and one that is selected.
But I've added an option that you ask, although I believe it will be in demand.

jsrocha's picture

nice script

Hey man, great script. But I have one suggestion: it would be possible make the script copy all the modifiers in the stack? Now it copies only the first. It would be great if it could do that.


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