.mov Preview Maker

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Mayec Rancel

.mov Preview Maker

version b2

 written by Mayec Rancel


Creates a preview .MOV, even in x64 max (by default it's impossible in x64 max).

You need to have Quicktime installed for this to work.
You also need to have the companion "qtSeq2mov.js" script (included in package) in your
default scripts folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\Scripts").




Additional Info: 

This script has been tested in 3ds max 2009 x64, running on Windows Vista.

1. Copy "movPreviewMaker_v1b.mcr" amd "qtSeq2mov.js" to your scripts folder
(e.g. "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\Scripts")
2. Copy the contents of "icons.zip" to your max icons folder
(e.g. "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\ui\Icons")
(this is optional, if you want to have the icon image on the script's button).
3. Execute "movPreviewMaker_v1b.mcr" script file from 3ds max.
4. Go to "Customize > Customize User Interface".
In Category "MayecTools" you will find ".mov Preview Maker" which you can drag to a toolbar to have as a button, or associate it with a hotkey, etc.


MOV Preview Maker b2

Bug Fixes
* Previews had wrong aspect ratios.
* In case of Non-square Pixel Aspect Ratio (AR), script converts the preview movies's size to have a correct Image AR with square pixels.

* If given temp.seq directory does not exist, the script automatically creates it.


Version Requirement: 
tested in 3ds max 2009x64
Other Software Required: 
Video URL: 


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Mayec's picture

A few months ago I created a

A few months ago I created a script that does what Swahn requested (and did it because he requested it directly to me by email - I hand't noticed the coments here on ScriptSpot):


Mayec Rancel

Mayec's picture

Thanks LuisGomez for the

Thanks LuisGomez for the great ideas. I will consider them for a coming update of the script.

Although I anticipate some problems, since the scriptable part is everything that max does. I couldn't find a way to script some of the quicktime steps. That's why the user has to pick where to save the file, and its name. Hence not sure I can do the incremental save and automatic opening of the file (since the script/max won't know where it was saved).

EDIT: after checking again, now I remember why I didn't implement those features from the beginning: even though I tried hard and long, I didn't find a way to script Quicktime's exporting dialogue. That's why it remains an intermediary manual step. The user can save the quicktime anywhere, with any name (so can't automatically make it incremental), and the rest of my script doesn't have any knowledge of where that is, so can't automatically open the .mov afterwards.

Mayec Rancel

Anubis's picture

Hi Swahn, you dont need a

Hi Swahn, you dont need a special script to do this, just open 32-bit Max and use Videopost ;)

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

Swahn's picture

Excellent tool, works

Excellent tool, works perfectly.

But i do have a request if i may.
It wouldn't be hard for anyone who knows this kind of scripting (which unfortunately isn't me) to make a similar tool based on this one, but it takes a finished render sequence and basically runs this script to create a quicktime movie out of it. This tool could be loaded as a post render script.

It would save the tedious work of manually creating quicktime movies each time you render.

LuisGomez's picture

Just one thing, is it

Just one thing, is it possible to add an option for incremental numbers on the final MOV? ... like the "normal "preview" does?

OTHER THING: at the end show me the quicktime video, it tells me where to save it ... them it close the video, so I have to go and find it by my self. Could be possible for the script to open the final oneo and play the video by it self?

This script is fabulous for animators.

Thx again Mayec!

LuisGomez's picture

Hey Mayec, this script is

Hey Mayec, this script is GREAT, I just test it and It works really good.
Tested under Windos XP x64, 3dsMax2010 x64 with the latest ( or almost) QuickTime pro (7 I think)

capcaverna's picture

awsome, Im really need this

awsome, Im really need this .mov script

The life is Good

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