MultiMatte Tamer

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This script makes it very easy to apply Object ID's and store the MultiMatte Render Elements.

Objects are selected within the grid table. If objects and layers in your scene are not recognized by its name this script will not be much use.

  • Add Button will add another additional numbered ID button.
  • Refresh reloads the objects in your scene. If an ID in your scene has been manually changed it will recognize it and add additional buttons if required.
  • Collect will make use of all RGB slots and not sequential.
  • Selected will only list the selected objects in your scene.
  • Elements this will create the render elements based on your selection. If Collect is checked the elements will be created accordingly.

To create the render elements this script needs V-Ray since MultiMatteElement is part of V-Ray. Or else the 'Elements' button will be hidden.



  • fixed anchor problem
  • added a check if MultiMatte element is available and hide the 'Elements' button if not
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Tested in 2020/23/24
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