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 - Select / Filer from selected Layers
 - assign Unique or Random IDs for multiselection
 - fixed red button highlights - for selected IDs
 - save settings on dialog close: toggle buttons + size, position
 - more options in Add to Render Elements dialog 

Free test versions available - Please check end of description

Object ID Organizer is similar to my previous Material ID Organizer.

It helps to quickly organize / inspect Object IDs in the scene and create MultiMatteElelemnts or Corona CMultiMatte.

- Sort object list by Name, ID, Class or Layer
- Multiselect and change ID
- Reset all MatID to 0 (select all -> press 0 button)
- Select on list by ID (switch "change" -> "select" or "add to select")
- Select and Auto-select by scene objects
- Filter and Auto-filterby scene objects (it will show only selected scene objects)
- And otherway - select scene objects by selected list items
- Add / Delete MuliMatteElements or Corona CMultiMatte (depends of current renderrer)
- Buttons 0 to 149 (just scroll down)
- 2 Highlight Button colors:
    - Blue - shows used Object ID
    - Red - shows selected items


- ID - G-Buffer Object ID - 0,1,2,3,4,5,....... (buttons up to 149 - let me know if you need more)
- Name
- Class
- Layer


How to Use:

- It's a script only so simply drag and drop to 3ds max.
- Left mouse click on ID button to apply new ID
- To select with specific ID -> Right click on ID button
- Add to selection -> Hold Ctrl and Right click on ID button
- To reset all to ID 0 -> select all -> Left click 0 button


 - Select / Filer from selected Layers (similar to select form objects but recognize selected layers)
 - New options in Add to Render Elements dialog:
    * Include Names ( layer / group / object names in render elements names )
    * Mono mask (all RGB has same id - it is black and white mask)
    * Red Mask Only (each element has only Red channel is on)
    * Button "Save Log" - saves .txt Log in same location as max file
       + it collects multimatte render elements and creates list of output IDs
       + collects names form layer / group / object and add it to the list)
    * right click on "Save Log" it will open log in notepad
 - assign Unique or Random IDs for multiselection
 - save settings on dialog close: toggle buttons + dialog size and position
 - fixed red button highlights - for selected IDs
 - more options in Add to Render Elements dialog 
 - fixed selection issues ( Ctr+A, Ctr+I, Ctr+D and All, Invert, None)
 - fixed select objects by ID ( right click on ID buttons + "A" on - auto  select objects)
 - keeps settings till max is closed
 - added "Z" button - zoom selected
 - Select + Filter can work together now
 - Autoselect scene object base on list selection - "A" button next to "Select Objects"


Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions



Full version: http://www.pixamoon.com/shop/4587562584/object-id-organizer/11091536

Prices starts from $1 (edu / personal use) --- $4 and up (commercial use)

Free test versions available -> One condtion only -> You need to write comment / review after testing  :)
Please let me know if you want to test it.

Automaticaly creates a list of used Object IDs.
Press Add button to create MultiMatte Render Elements (automaticaly recognize renderer, if Corona creates CMultiMatte )


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StormBrig's picture

Very useful. Thanks.

Very useful. Thanks.

cblyth's picture

Great script

Really handy script, a great time saver

NicolasC's picture

a must-have

Thanks a lot Pixamoon for such a great tool. The latest improvements you made justify once again having it in our toolbox :)


pixamoon's picture

re: Multimatte naming

Hi, yes, next days. I'm working on txt log file to print scene IDs with obj/mat names. With this function I can add names to multimate elements too.

Please send me your email to [email protected]
I can send you test version with object names.


trick's picture

Multimatte naming


Any indication on when it will be possible to name multimattes either automatically based on object/materialname or manually, as asked some time ago?


pixamoon's picture



Sorry, just checked the newest Full version of Object ID Organizer v1.12

It recognizes IDs from XRefs objects, shows them also on the list and on buttons. And alos creates MultimattElements for them.

Script can change ID for them in the scene but... it can't only change them in XRef file.

I can add possibility to lock those IDs on XRefs objects (if needed).


beagle's picture


Great Script, that's the only thing is missing....... thanks

pixamoon's picture

Re: Xrefs

Yes, you right,

Will add that in new updates,


borowiak's picture

Its good, but doesnt work with xref workflow.

Your script is great, but doesnt work with xref files. If you set up ID's inside xref file, the script wont see them in a main scene file - you cant automaticly create render elements with ID's coming from xref.

Do you see possibility of fixing that, or creating some other solution to work with xref files?

pixamoon's picture

Re: auto object ID on a layer

Hi Bobpanil,

Sure I can add that too. But it can slow down scene. Let's try it.

Definitely I can add a button to organize object IDs per layer or prefix in name.


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