Path Position Animation Controller 1.0

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Michael Aviles

Was trying to animate tank treads simpler, so I searched and found Jeff Brown's Chain Tread script. After using it I wanted to create a simpler way to increase, decrease or stop the speed of the treads on the fly. Thus I created this script.

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This is my first complete Maxscript that I feel has somewhat of a use.

1. Create a closed curve and path constraint an object to it

2. Run the script

3. Put the value of the last frame of your animation (if your unsure how long it's gonna be, set it to a key you'll never reach)

4. Put in the value you want to add (or a negative number to subtract) in the "%+" spinner.

5. Press the update button

6. Key the Change or Key a stop in the animation.

Again this is my first script, please feel free to send me comments on how to improve it or your thoughts of it.

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3ds max 9.0
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